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aa Async-Await. co, co-chan, co-thunkify package

broadcast Broadcast channels for Node

chan A go style channel implementation that works nicely with co

chanserve Server wrapper for creating psuedo server "channels" based on the request URL path.

co-chan Go style channel implementation that works well with `co`

component-channel two sided event emitter with middleware

component-channel-debounce debounce middleware for component-channel

component-channel-drop drop middleware for component-channel

component-channel-latency latency middleware for component-channel

cqueue Channel queue with Promises

csp-channel CSP channels for javascript

dna-event-channel dna-event-channel =================

event-channel Event handling implementation.

gochan golang inspired channels for doing CSP-style concurrency in node.js

gocsp CSP channel and coroutine in Javascript

integration Enterprise integration patterns for JavaScript

js-csp CSP channels with ES6 generators, inspired by Clojurescript's core.async and Go

jschannels A minimal JavaScript Channels library, inspired by Clojure's core.async library

jspipe JS/Pipe - coordinating asynchronous code without callbacks or chained functions

kevoree-chan-local Default README generated by ```generator-kevoree```, a ```yo``` generator for __kevoree-js__

kevoree-chan-remotews Default README generated by ```generator-kevoree```, a ```yo``` generator for __kevoree-js__

kevoree-chan-stompserver Default README generated by ```generator-kevoree```, a ```yo``` generator for __kevoree-js__

kevoree-chan-websocket Kevoree Channel using WebSocket protocol

msgs Message oriented programming for JavaScript

mutual Scala-inspired Actors that use Redis as a message transport

node-channel A comet server, based on expressjs

node-internal-pubsub A publish/subscribe API similar to that in node_redis, minus the redis

objdist Object distribution between server and clients via Socket.IO-socket-like transports.

plexy Create multiple duplex object streams that read and write through a single text stream.

pomme.js JS comms between frames using postMessage

substream Volatile namespaces for Primus

sync-channel synchronous communication channel

xpush Realtime Communication Server

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