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and P2P Team chat & todo solution

blackmonkey A simple chat framework built on

bongtalk BongTalk - Web chat server

campfire Use node.js to interact with Campfire.

chat-example my first chat app

chat-server Everyone has a chat server and this one is mine

chatbyvista Minimalist multi-room chat server

chattify a local chat server and client

chimeres client

chitchat Chat server for Node.js

circl Concise IRC client library

coffea General purpose IRC client

coffeebot Write cross-network chat bots in CoffeeScript

connfu DSL for creating real time voice applications using connFu platform

dcwebui Web interface for chatting on NMDC servers.

dircc Detachable, persistent IRC connection.

dogechat-bot This module can be used to make a chat bot for the website DogeChat using Node.JS and it simplifies the process a great deal.

dolphinjs a little sonarjs client

ep_irc Adds an embedded Freenode Web chat client and autojoins to #Etherpad and #Etherpad-Lite-Dev channels

ep_right_to_left Make the text inside a Pad and Chat go from right to left

ep_rtc Video and audio chat without plugins powered by WebRTC -- Works in Firefox, Chrome and Chrome Frame

facebook-chat Simple Facebook Chat XMPP client

facebook-chat-tmp Simple Facebook Chat XMPP client

fatbot An easy to use coffeescript IRC bot framework

fb-chat Simple Facebook Chat XMPP client compatible with Node 0.8

gab A module to help implement command/response protocols

gitter-client Gitter client

grove-archive-link a grove archive linker

hackerchat A radio based distributed chat client

hall-integrations Node.js wrapper for Hall Custom Integration API. Send custom messages to your rooms on Hall.

hc-cli hipchat for terminal

hipchat-exec A HipChat Bot. Watches for commands in a HipChat room, then executes the appropriate shell script.

hipchatter Wrapper for the HipChat API (v2)

hubot-future-messages-campfire Send messages to people currently not in the room

hubot-graylog-transcript Log all chat messages to Graylog

hubot-hall A Hall adapter for hubot

hubot-hipchat A Hipchat adapter for Hubot

hubot-hipchat-beta A Hipchat adapter for Hubot

hubot-hipchat-emoticons Query Hipchat emoticons within Hubot

hubot-http Hubot HTTP adapter

hubot-tlkio Hubot adapter for tlkio

hubot-voicechat create an ad-hoc audio conference room

internet-relay-chat Provides tools to connect to and interact with IRC servers

irc-message A blazing fast parser for IRC messages.

irc-message-stream A tiny Strram interface around irc-message.

irc2 Fast, functional IRC library

ircc IRC connection library.

ircdjs An IRCD for Node

ircp IRC protocol library.

jsmegahal A port of the MegaHal AI to JS

kabam-plugin-chat-xmpp Chat feature for kabam using xmpp

keytalk A super simple messaging service for keybase

meatspace-jamon Threaded chat with LevelDB

meatspace-parallax Chat with LevelDB

meatspace-publico Chat with LevelDB (the public edition)

mongoose-talkable Mongoose plugin and express routes adding simple opt-in messaging system between users

mrchat a local chat server and client

netsoul netsoul protocol library

nmdc Library for chatting with NMDC servers.

node_chat A scalable version of Ryan Dahl's node_chat

node-irc An easy to use IRC socket wrapper

nodebb-plugin-chat-emote NodeBB Chat Emote Plugin

omega A real-time issue tracker optimized for small teams

omegle A library to connect with and chat to people on omegle

opsbot hermione the npm operations chat bot

oscar An OSCAR protocol module for node.js

otrtalk distributed p2p off-the-record two-party chat

partial.js web application framework (MVC) for node.js

ranger A node.js library for interacting with Campfire

restfulchatt restful chat client and server

shout The modern IRC client

sinc Simple Inter-Node Communication backed by redis.

slackjs A nodejs module for the Slack Incoming Webhooks API

slate-irc General purpose IRC client

slate-irc-parser Low-level general purpose IRC client

smail SMS texting API that uses carrier-specific gateways to deliver messages via Sendmail.

smores Node powered Campfire API library

sooty Node powered Campfire bot framework

spac cli client in node.js

stanza messaging server to transmit streaming JSON/XMP stanzas

talkbox A minimalistic webchat with xmpp-connect

tellraw2dom tellraw to DOM converter

terminal-chat A simple chat client/server run in the terminal and powered by

tinyChat Tiny Chat app working with Node.js and

total.js web framework (MVC) for node.js

wadey-ranger wadey's fork of: A node.js library for interacting with Campfire

winston-hipchat A Hipchat transport for winston

xmpp-ftw-muc Multi User Chat/MUC (XEP-0045) plugin for XMPP-FTW

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