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check-type Library to check variable type and properties in object.

componentjs-tracing Run-Time Tracing for ComponentJS based Rich Client UIs

ensure-it Easy JavaScript type assurance.

implementjs Strong type-checking for dependency injection and method arguments.

is-a type checking "micro library"

is-type Type checking from node core

is2 A type checking library where each exported function returns either true or false and does not throw. Also added tests.

isemail validate an email address according to RFCs 5321, 5322, and others

kk Type checking for JavaScript

lawyer Does various helper jobs for legal things like licenses

observable-store An observable data store with dirty checking and computed properties

type-check type-check allows you to check the types of JavaScript values at runtime with a Haskell like type syntax.

type-predicates Type-checking functions

typedof better type checking

typify Runtime type-checking for JavaScript.

typify-bin Runtime type-checking for JavaScript.

v8type Expose V8 C++ type checking to JS

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