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checksum Checksum utility for node

crc32-stream a streaming CRC32 checksumer

fcmp easy way to get checksum or compare the content of two files

fnv-plus Javascript FNV-1a Hashing Algorithm up to 1024 bits, with highly optimized 32bit and 52bit implementations.

hash.block An abstract hash stream class that feeds hash algorithm blocks of bytes.

hash.murmur3.32 A pure-JavaScript 32-bit Murmur3 hash that implements the `crypto.Hash` and `stream.Transform` interfaces. An abstract hash stream class that implements `crypto.Hash`

hashsum Compute the hashsum of various things

md5-file Return an md5sum of a given file.

protosocket Hassle-free protobuffer for any type of server or client, TCP, TLS, HTTP or Websockets.

raw-socket Raw sockets for Node.js.

writers-digest Store files on disk by digest a la .git/objects

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