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ares A simple wrapper around childProcess.exec that helps keep process launching code clean

changer Change the contents of files according to rules

cover-child-process Collect coverage data from child processes

easy-pipe Helper module for managing spawned system processes

getcpids A node.js binding to successive calls to getpgid() syscall to determine child processes of the a parent process given the parent process ID.

herod Herod, an heartless killer / handler for ( long-running ) child processes.

mock-spawn A mock for child_process.spawn

nexpect Spawns and interacts with child processes using spawn / expect commands

procstreams Enable easier shell scripting in node

rolling_timeout_exec Wrapper around child_process.exec that provides a rolling timeout based on stdout/stderr activity.

single-child Spawn a single child process which kills itself on restart

ssh2-exec Transparent use of `child_process.exec` and `ssh2.prototype.exec`

ssh2-fs Transparent use of the `fs` module locally or over SSH

standalone Creates an isolated thread / process in JavaScript (Node.js and modern browsers)

superexec Transparent use of `child_process.exec` and `ssh2.prototype.exec`

task-worker Task to Child Process

threadful Common 'Thread' behavior for Browsers (using Web Workers) or Node (using Child Process).

waitpid A node.js binding to the waitpid() syscall.

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