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bee-hive Spawn, manage and monitor multiple node.js child_process-es with ease.

brood A container for spawn, provides the ability to manage and communicate with spawned child_processes

browserstacktunnel-wrapper A Node.js wrapper for the BrowserStack java tunnel client

child_process_with_argv0 Versions of execFile and spawn which allow you to supply an argv[0] other than the executed filename

child-balancer Simple NodeJS child process balancer

child-daemon Start and stop child daemon processes without cutting them loose

child-io Create child process for executing dangerous(user-made) function.

child-pool child_process pool implementation

child-proc An extension to the child_process module that fixes problems like windows commands.

child-process-close Make child_process objects emit 'close' events in node v0.6 like they do in v0.8. This makes it easier to write code that works correctly on both version of node.

child-process-helpers dumb helpers for child_process

child-stream Child process read stream

childport Launch child processes for services that bind to a specified port.

cp-remote Remote child_process runner with message support

cpool child process pool manager

easy-spawn Utilities that make it easier to write child_process.spawn programmes

evented-forker Wrapper for child_process.fork and EventEmitter. Features automatic restarts of the child on exit, close, disconnect and error.

executioner Wrappers around execSync, a package for synchronous execution of shell commands.

executive Elegant command execution.

flan A sweet facade on top of a process.disconnect-based graceful collapse.

fs-change Monitor changes to specified files or directories, run arbitrary scripts in response.

grunt-run Invite external commands into your grunt process with three tasks `run`, `wait` and `stop`.

herd A simple wrapper over node cluster for zero-downtime reloads

kid_process A simpler version of child_process.

less-watch Monitor changes to specified files or directories, run arbitrary scripts in response.

localtunnel-wrapper Node.js wrapper for the localtunnel ruby client

mixture Heterogeneous cluster task manager

mock-spawn A mock for child_process.spawn

node_restarter Kill/run command on changes to compiled files in or below the current directory.

node-sandbox Advanced sandboxing library that allows communication between the sandbox and the parent process.

orphanage child process forking that has no parental ties

passthru Spawns a child process attached to parent's stdin, stdout and stderr. Inspired by PHP's passthru().

run-paralelly Run given commands as parallel processes

safeps Work with processes safely and easily with Node.js

spawn-cmd Wraps child_process.spawn with 'cmd /c <command>' when it's a windows machine

spawned Smart wrapper around child_process.spawn using promises

spawner A fluent interface for launching child processes in Node

stroem-kid Pipe multiple resources in a spawned child

wideor A module that uses avconv and convert to create a slideshow video from images with the help of `stroem-kid`

worker-forker Simplifies forking of worker processes and distributing tasks between them.

zergling auto-queue for child_process brood

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