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au ActiveUser developer SDK

autoborg Automatic compilation of changed files, live updates in the browser

auxilio-backend The server responding on auxilio chrome extension

boostrapy Boostrap style highlighter, highlights CSS usage on page.

bows Rainbowed console logs for chrome in development

browser-launcher detect and launch browser versions, headlessly or otherwise

bugger Debug everything

bugger-daemon buggerd sources

cca Run Chrome Apps on mobile using Apache Cordova

cca-push Send a Chrome App to the Chrome ADT on a mobile device

chrome-cookies dump google chrome cookies for a url to stdout

chrome-ext-downloader Allows you to easily download a Chrome extension's source code.

chrome-extension-manifest-schema JSON Schema for validating Chrome extension manifest.json

chrome-har-capturer Capture HAR files from a remote Chrome instance

chrome-http implementation of the core node http server for chrome apps

chrome-i18n Chrome extension's locales builder.

chrome-remote-interface Chrome Remote Debugging Protocol interface

chrome-socket streaming socket interface for chrome tcp

chrome-tabs Browserify compatible HTML/CSS and JS chrome tabs implementation

chrome.sockets.tcp.xhr an XMLHttpRequest drop-in replacement using chrome.sockets.tcp for Chrome Apps

chrome2calltree convert chrome CPU profiles to callgrind formatted files

chromeget Chrome OS Package Manager

chromelogger Log and inspect your server-side code in the Chrome console using Chrome Logger

chromify browserify plugin for Google Chrome applications

chromix Chromix is a command-line and scripting utility for controlling Google chrome. It can be used, amongst other things, to create, switch, focus, reload and remove tabs.

crconsole Remote JavaScript console for Chrome/Webkit

crd Chrome Remote Debugging

crx-patterns check URLs against Chrome Extension patterns

dalek-browser-chrome Google Chrome bindings for DalekJS

dalek-browser-chrome-canary Google Chrome bindings for DalekJS

docpad-plugin-chrometimeline Chrome timeline generator that records events from Docpad events

dotjs ~/.js using node.

element34 Client side browser automation suite which utilizes selenium to drive various web browsers

eraser a HTML5 device motion experiment running on mobile chrome

express-chrome-logger Debug your express app using the Chrome console.

express-chromeframe Dead simple middleware to enable chromeframe on connect/express applications.

extsync ExtSync is a cross-browser extension development framework that using web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

generator-chrome-extension Yeoman generator for Chrome Extensions

generator-chromeapp Yeoman generator for Chrome App

generator-devtools-theme A Yeoman Generator for Chrome DevTools Theme

generator-salsa AngularJS salsa for web/mobile apps and browser extensions.

git-chrome-local-db A git db implementation using

grunt-chrome-manifest > Grunt task for Chrome manifest.json

grunt-crx Package your Chrome Extensions in a bliss.

grunt-reload-chrome A grunt task to reload chrome tabs.

gulp-connect-multi A fork of gulp-connect with multiple servers support

inspector Node.js binding for WebKit Inspector API

karma-chrome-extra-launcher A Karma plugin. Launcher for Chrome with custom Agent.

karma-chrome-launcher A Karma plugin. Launcher for Chrome and Chrome Canary.

karma-detect-browsers Karma runner plugin for detecting all browsers installed on the current system.

launchpad You can launch browsers! From NodeJS! Local ones! Remote ones! Browserstack ones!

lookingglass A node.js addon to add remote Chrome Devtools debugging support.

min-stream-chrome min-stream bindings for chrome packaged apps

mustache-for-chromeapps Logic-less {{mustache}} templates with JavaScript

netscape-bookmarks Create a netscape format bookmarks file (works with Chrome)

nodebug Command line utility that simplifies node debugging

npm-bookmark-parser Parses Chrome bookmarks file into JSON format

packmeteor Package the Meteor js client into a Chrome Packaged App or Cordova/PhoneGap

scriptchain Helper for Chrome extensions that injects a chain of JavaScript files into a content page in sequence.

simple-audio Small Module to play audio using HTML audio tag

spdyproxy Fast, secure forward proxy: secure connection to proxy and ability to tunnel HTTP, HTTPS, and SPDY.

steer Use steer to control your chrome (the browser)

webdriver-sync Synchronous testing with Selenium and node.js!

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