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bigfile Turn a mapping of modules into a browser suitable package

cjs-rename Rename a CJS file thing

cjs-to-module Convert a CJS module to an ES6 module.

cjs-vs-amd-benchmark Compare load times of CJS and AMD module systems

dm Dependency Injection Manager

generator-browserify Yeoman generator with Browserify and your choice of Foundation 5 or Bootstrap 3

grunt-furnace grunt tasks for transforming code from one format to another

gulp-wrap-commonjs Wrap files into a CommonJS module definition compatible with the Node.js require() API.

js-module-formats Detect different types of JavaScript modules formats

nodefy convert AMD modules into a node.js compatible format

polymeric Wraps a collection of polymer elements into a namespace.

webant Bringing CommonJS-style requires to the browser and more.

webmake Bundle CommonJS modules into single script for web browser

webmake-coffee Develop CoffeeScript applications for browser with Webmake

webmake-handlebars Require Handlebars files with Webmake

webmake-less Require LESS files with Webmake

webmake-yaml Require YAML files with Webmake

wrapfor Wrap code for usage as an amd/cjs/whatever module.

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