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31i73-class simple node.js class library

abstract Abstraction of JavaScript Objects.

acts-as a simple class-level mixin module for coffee-script, which provides a handy "composition over inheritance" way for writting complex programs

aklass A small utility to simulate inheritance in javascript.

alamid-class Easy prototype inheritance

alter-ego Extensible type definitions

ampersand-class-extend JS class extension tool for enabling easily extending prototype with multiple objects.

api-js Portable JavaScript library for any kinds of Web API manipulation

arale Arale Class and Events

augment The world's smallest and fastest classical JavaScript inheritance pattern.

backbone-class Backbone Class is the missing 'Backbone.Class' in Backbone.js which provides clean JavaScript class inheritence via the Backbone.extend pattern

barman A small library to brew JavaScript objects.

baseclass A modularization of Backbone.js's extend() function for use with JS classes.

basejs Simple class-based inheritance for JavaScript (based on Dean Edwards' Base.js).

bike Class system to organize namespaces, define, create, extend, mixin, super inheritance and more

bindle A lightweight EventEmitter-like API for JavaScript classes, best suited for games.

blueprint A database agnostic model layer and OOP implementation designed for reusability between the client and server

capri Capri Library :: Clasic object oriented JavaScript

cextend Prototype Class extender

chi-classes Easily manage CSS classes on DOM nodes

chic Chic is an extremely simple class-like interface to JavaScript prototypal inheritance

cl-intf Design-time interface verifying

clah Simple Javascript Inheritance by John Resig

clase JavaScript inheritance

class A simple yet powerful Ruby-like Class inheritance system

Class Port of Prototype.js inheritance implementation for Node.js.

class-extend Backbone like Class.extend utility for Node

class-js Simple OO Class factory

class-js2 Simple and powerful class utility to allow the easy use of OOP in JS. Includes inheritance, mixins, abstract classes, inherited statics, and more.

class-wolperting Post-modern oriented objects in Javascript

class.extend copy/paste implementation of John Resig's Simple JavaScript inheritance.

class.js A simple and efficient class inheritance implementation based on John Resig's code.

class4js The class4js module is for class-driven development in JavaScript. It allows to emulate classes in JavaScript. Module is based on ECMAScript 5 standart and implements open/close principle: 'A module should be open for extension but closed for modifications'

classdef Bare-bones syntactic sugar for class definitions in JS

classes-component Cross-browser element class list

classic Straightforward classes for node.js or web browsers

classical Functional Classical Inheritance for Javascript

classical-eventemitter A wrapper for the NodeJS event manager using the classical OO style.

classie dom class helper functions, browserified, classie -from bonzo

classify A Ruby-like Module & Class Inheritance Library for Javascript

classifyjs Classify.js is a library that allows for cross platform and cross browser Object Oriented Javascript class definitions using classical inheritance and namespaces behind the prototype syntax in an easy to use interface function.

classifyjs-observer Classify-Ovserver is a mutator for Classify.js[] that allows for simple getters and setters, and on value change events listeners for object properties.

classjs Simple Class System for JavaScript

classkit class-like inheritance if you're into that sort of thing

classroom A Ruby-like implementation for ES5

classtool Class like behavior composition, but better

classy-traits Thin wrapper around traits.js that supports "classes".

classyjs Classy classes from for NodeJS

clazz-js Portable JavaScript library for class-style OOP programming

clazzy A cross platform JavaScript library that provides a classical interface to prototype inheritance using a simple DSL inspired by Ruby.

cls Class factory featuring inheritance of static properties, static constructors, lazy population of prototypes, and this._super.

Cls Simple class abstraction in JavaScript

cocktail CocktailJS is a small library to explore traits, talents, inheritance and annotations concepts in nodejs - Shake your objects and classes with Cocktail!

cocotte-define クラス定義のヘルパー

coffee_classkit Utilities for coffee-script classes

coffee-factory Javascript class Factory generator implemented in Coffeescript.

component-classes Cross-browser element class list

construe Object.defineProperty wrapper with nice description methods

coop Co-operative multiple inheritance for JavaScript

createclass A fully functional OOP framework that's still based on JavaScript's own OOP understanding, tools and syntax (i.e. Prototyping).

createerror Helper for creating easily extensible and subclassable JavaScript Error classes.

crystal_constants A little JavaScript / CoffeeScript utility class for frozen 'constant' objects.

cssclass A leightweight (0.3kB) extension to the Element prototype to allow checking, adding, removing and toggling classes.

declare dojo 1.7 based oop utils

declare.js OO system from node and browser

declarejs Yet another class/object inheritance simulator (Dojo's ) for node

define-class A Simple JavaScript Inheritance Module

defineClass Simple yet powerful OOP and AOP for JavaScript.

dejavu A set of object-oriented tools for JavaScript

dejavu-optimizer The dejavu optimizer

derive Multiple inheritance (well, sort of)

derives 试着写个派生

descend Function to set up an inherited class that calls its ancestor constructors automatically. Can also be attached to constructors.

dnaof kindof(), .can., dnaof(), .create() - inheritance made easy

dom-classes Cross-browser element class manipulation

ee-class Javascript Class implementation for node.js & ecma script 5 compatible browsers

ejohn-classjs implementation of ejohn javascript inheritance

ekit-util ekit util library which support on both server-side and client-side

embryo The most simple, customizable and easy to use JavaScript standard inheritance library

entity-js Portable JavasScript OOP library for entity manipulation

eo.js Inheritable and extendable objects constructor

error2 More expressive error constructor

es5-class A Class object that enables native prototypal inheritance

es5class Prototypal inheritance based on ES5 Object.create and Object.defineProperty for node.js and modern browsers

estira Expose Livescript's class system to JavaScript

evo-elements Evo Cloud Basic Elements

extendables Simple and elegant inheritance in JS.

extendonclass Add a backbone-like extend method onto your CoffeeScript classes, making it easy for JavaScript users to extend your CoffeeScript classes

fast-class A faster and easier way to define Javascript Prototypal Inheritance: `classes` and `mixins`

file-class Object-oriented API for interacting with files

filterhtml FilterHTML: A whitelisting HTML filter for Python and JavaScript

final-class System for creating classes, multi inheritance, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection.

fromjson The simplest and most obvious remote object superclass that I could think of.

fus POO pour Nodejs

fusing Prototype fusion

generator-startjs A generator for Yeoman with StartJS

globalise Making node more like say PHP :)

gulp-ng-classify Compile CoffeeScript classes to AngularJS modules

heir Makes prototypical inheritance easy and robust

heritable Inheritance provider

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