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angular-validation Angular Validation

bas Behaviour Assertion Sheets: CSS-like declarative syntax for client-side integration testing and quality assurance.

birdy Static asset anti-package management.

browser-export Sharing of client side and server side code solved once and for all.

builder-browser Build chain for client-side MVC views. Render, convert to DOM elements, and bind jQuery plugins in one fell swoop.

bullhorn-js A client-side library for global topic-based messaging.

cassette-express Punk, carefree Browser-side Javascript Asset Bundling for Express sites

ccjs client side common js

circuits-js A robust and pluggable client-side library for accessing services.

client-lib Client side shared library

client-templates roots extension that precompiles templates for use on the client side

co-client Client-side compound

connect-assets-emblem Expose your Emblem views in the browser using connect-assets.

connect-assets-jade Expose your jade views in the browser using connect-assets.

delegation Implements event delegation.

docpad-plugin-lunr Adds support for client-side search with Lunr, full-text and faceted.

ekit-util ekit util library which support on both server-side and client-side

elliott a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

flog light-weight configurable front-end logger. CJS, AMD, script compatible

get-scrollmax-x Get the value equivalent to window.scrollMaxX

get-scrollmax-y Get the value equivalent to window.scrollMaxY

halo-mvc Mediator based client-side MVC framework heavily inspired by Addy Osmani's talks on Aura.

hoganshare A CoffeeScript utility to share Hogan pre-compiled templates across server-side and client-side.

httpha `httpha` is a simple client-side load balance and HA module.

is-url-to-anchor Check if the URL indicates an anchor of the document

jade-amd Helpers for working with Jade templates in an AMD setting

jakobmattsson-serenade JavaScript client side MVC framework

location-origin Polyfill for window.location.origin

luhn-check validation for credit cards using the Luhn algorithm

modularity-framework Lightweight component-oriented Web UI framework

mold-template Templating system

paws a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

paws.js a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

pref Remember user preferences via LocalStorage

require2web This utility combines multiple JavaScript files into a single .js file for use in the browser. It allows you to structure your Javascript library like a node.js application, and make require() calls to other modules.

roots-browserify roots extension enabling the use of browserify

sauron Mediator pattern for Halo, a client-side MVC framework.

serenade JavaScript client side MVC framework

set-location-hash Set the anchor portion of current URL without scrolling

simplet Simple Template Engine

single-page write single-page apps with a single callback to handle pushState events

stringify Browserify middleware to be able to require() text files (including templates) inside of your client-side JavaScript files.

workhorse Distributed computation server and clients

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