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actionhero_client actionhero client in JS for other node servers to use

actionhero-oauth2-client ActionHero OAuth2 Client

adbhost Android Debug Bridge host protocol client

aitch Toolkit for constructing hypertext service clients.

alamid Framework for realtime apps that run both on the server and the client.

albert-client EventEmitter for albert HTTP event server

ali-oss aliyun oss(open storage service) node client

aliyun-oss a new version of oss-client

alldata-client-http AllData HTTP client module

alldata-peer-client-http AllData Peer HTTP client module

ampersand-collection A way to store/manage objects or models.

analytics-node The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any node application.

angular-wizard Easy to use Wizard library for AngularJS

antifreeze Client-side MVP framework.

apa-client An Amazon Product Advertising API client.

api_auth A simple Node.js client that authenticates to a ruby api that uses api_auth:

api-client Object Oriented library for HTTP Web API clients

api-client-limiter Simple function wrapper queuing and limiting the number of calls to a function. Ideal for Rest API call limiting compliance.

api-signed-request Signed request server/client for token-based APIs

apic Build epic API Clients that work on Browser, Node and Titanium Automatically

apic.js REST API JavaScript Client Generator

appboard RESTful HTTP API for pushing your data to dashboard for node.js

applitude Simple Module Management

arango ArangoDB javascript client

arangojs ArangoDB javascript client

aria A client library for Aria API

artnet-node Art-Net server and client module for Node.JS

asker http.request wrapper with request retries and http.Agent tuning

assassin An Access Control Framework written in Node.js

assembly build tool to assemble client side javascript projects

asyn Asynchronous for normal people

authorization-server-client Client to access an authorization server for oauth2 token validation in a distributed environment.

auto-correct auto correct for command line tools

aws-snsclient A client for parsing Amazon AWS SNS requests.

aws-snsclient-ilsken A client for parsing Amazon AWS SNS requests.

awssum NodeJS module to aid talking to Web Service APIs. Requires plugins.

azure-table-node Azure Table Storage client using JSON on the wire

backbone Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events.

backbone-assembler Plugin for Backbone that makes it easy to manage nested views

backbone-browserify DEPRECATED, 0.9.9 works with browserify

backbone-browserify-lodash Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events. - For Browserify

backbone-celtra Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events. Packaged for browserify by Celtra

backbone-clickdebounce Debounce multiple clicks for Backbone.Views

backbone-ducktyped Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events.

backbone-extend Customizable Backbone inheritance.

backbone-filtered-collection Create a filtered version of a backbone collection that stays in sync.

backbone-lodash Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events. Adding in some Lo-Dash love.

backbone-mediator Dead simple Mediator for Backbone.

backbone-once One-off events for Backbone.

backbone-react-component Backbone.React.Component is a wrapper for React.Component and brings all the power of Facebook's React to Backbone.js

backbone.babysitter Manage child views in a Backbone.View

Backbone.Chosen One Collection different models, mapped easy via configuration

backbone.marionette Make your Backbone.js apps dance!

Backbone.Marionette.Handlebars Spice up your Backbone.Marionette application with some Handlebars flavour

Backbone.Mutators Backbone plugin to override getters and setters with logic

backbone.obscura A read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that can easily be filtered, sorted, and paginated.

Backbone.Rpc Plugin for using backbone js with json-rpc instead of the native REST implementation

backbone.wreqr A Simple Service Bus For Backbone and Backbone.Marionette

backdash backbone js with lodash, ready for browserify

backstage backbone to knockout connector

banter-js Angular based real-time app for communicating with customers via IRC. Individual customers connect to a common IRC channel, giving staff members the ability to see all customers' messages, with the ability to respond directly and individually.

bcs.client a read-through cached API client for the BCS-460/462 series of brewery automation controllers with high level abstraction

bench-rest bench-rest - benchmark REST (HTTP/HTTPS) API's. Node.js client module for easy load testing / benchmarking REST API' using a simple structure/DSL can create REST flows with setup and teardown and returns (measured) metrics.

better-array-to-string A concise function that serializes an array, regardless of the depth of its contents.

better-object-to-string A concise function that serializes all contents of a deep object.

bintray CLI and Node.js client for Bintray

bionode A Node.js JavaScript library for client and server side bioinformatics

bitcoin-p2p Implementation of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer layer for Node.js

bitcoinjs Implementation of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer layer for Node.js

bitcoinjs-lib Client-side Bitcoin JavaScript library

bitstring Read/write packed binary strings bit-by-bit

blackjack A simple blackjack server with client.

blerg A Blerg ( api client

box-view-api Box View API, node.js client library

br-mousetrap Mousetrap is a simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript.

brainy-server a server side and client side framework for Backbone

browser-http Simple (but advanced) HTTP for browser

browser-router A simple router for one page browser apps

browsy manipulate the client DOM over

btsync-api Bittorent Sync API Client

buffer-alpaca Buffer API library client for node.js

bunt A tool for creating web components using the npm packaging system and browserify - for sweet as sweet can be re-use and encapsulation.

callback-with Generates a function that is called with initially supplied arguments

callosum-client-tcp TCP client for Callosum: a self-balancing distributed services protocol

callosum-client-tcp-rover TCP client rover for Callosum: a self-balancing distributed services protocol

campusbooks JavaScript Client for CampusBooks Partner API (v12).

cas-client Middleware CAS Client for Express

cas.js Central Authentication Service (CAS) client for Node.js

cement-mixer Combine client side cement modules for webpages

cgminer API client for CGMiner Bitcoin miner

cheese A flexible, reactive, client-side web framework

chrome-dgram Use the Node `dgram` API in Chrome Apps

chrome-net Use the Node `net` API in Chrome Apps

cilantro Client library for Serrano-compatible APIs

classify A Ruby-like Module & Class Inheritance Library for Javascript

classifyjs Classify.js is a library that allows for cross platform and cross browser Object Oriented Javascript class definitions using classical inheritance and namespaces behind the prototype syntax in an easy to use interface function.

classifyjs-observer Classify-Ovserver is a mutator for Classify.js[] that allows for simple getters and setters, and on value change events listeners for object properties.

classjs Simple Class System for JavaScript

clearwing Node- and browser-side IRC client library

clearwing-autoident Autoident plugin for Clearwing

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