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client-session-id A small session library that tracks the id of a client using signed cookies

cling Angularjs client

cloak-browserify This is a very minor alteration to the Cloak client to make it work with browserify

closure-library A powerful, low level JavaScript library designed for building complex and scalable web applications

cloudup-client cloudup api client

coap A CoAP library for node modelled after 'http'

coffea General purpose IRC client

coinbase-node Coinbase Bitcoin payment library for Node.js

coinchat-client The coinchat-client is a framework aiding to help writing automated clients for

coind-client JSON-RPC client for crypto-currency bitcoind-based daemons. Adheres to Node.js/JavaScript callback/control-flow conventions/style.

coinjar Coinjar API (business and personal) client for node.js

common-emitter Common EventEmitter implementation for both server-side NodeJS and client-side Browser environments.

commonsense Commonsense client API

component Component package manager consuming git repositories

component-dev Component package manager consuming git repositories

component-domify turn HTML into DOM elements

connect-redispade A Redis session store adapter for connect middleware, backed by Spade.

connect-sticky Connect middleware to concatenate, minify and serve client-side javascript

contacts_client Client library for 'contacts', provides 'contacts' API for both browser and apps

cookie-client Basic cookie-handling for outgoing requests

cookie-component Client-Side Cookie Manipulation API

cookies-js Client-Side Cookie Manipulation API

cordova Cordova command line interface tool

cordova-testabit Cordova testabit command line interface tool

corpus Corpus.js is a Javascript framework for large client side web applications.

couch-db Couch-db is a simple node.js client of couchdb

cozy-clients Clients for Cozy APIs

crocodoc-node Crocodoc API, node.js client library

crosstalk-api-client Crosstalk API Client

crowdprocess Distributed map in CrowdProcess

crust A small client to test REST services.

csclient An API client for the CloudStack

csp-channel CSP channels for javascript

cue A sensible async flow-control library.

d3-metatable a table element for heterogenous objects

dash RESTless Evented JavaScript

dashboard Create dashboards with gadgets on node.js

data A Javascript data representation library.

datapackage Like npm but for data packages!

db-drizzle Drizzle database bindings for Node.JS

db-mysql MySQL database bindings for Node.JS

db-nuodb NuoDB database bindings for Node.JS

db-oracle Oracle database bindings for Node.JS

db-sqlite DEPRICATED, USE:

deepjs Powerful atomic tools for managing objects, functions and promises

deeply Deeply merges properties of the provided objects, returns untangled copy (clone)

define-object A bit of sugar for defining Objects and their prototypes.

delegation Implements event delegation.

designer-news Designer News API client

detectify Detects the environment where the current script is running: NodeJS or Browser.

diasp_agent An ugly, scraping, Diaspora agent.

diet-request Simple HTTP Request Client

digger-bundle A full featured digger-container with find, XML, contracts and radio

digger-client A bundle of digger-* modules that works well as a basic client for warehouses

discogs Simple client for Discogs API

discogs-client Simple client for Discogs API v2.0

discover-client NodeJS client for Discover, a Docker service discovery provider

dm4client DeepaMehta 4 client

doctape Asynchronous calls against the doctape API

domify turn HTML into DOM elements

dopromise Simple Promise Library for JavaScript.

dotmvc A tiny, sensible, client-side MVC framework in modern Javascript.

dpm-stan A client for data package registry

dpm2 Like npm but for data packages!

drawer touch-enabled slide-in drawer ui component

easy-pg easy-pg is "easy to use" deferred PostgreSQL client for node.js

easyhttp A simplified wrapper around the core node.js http client.

ebay-ready-client node client for resoruce framework 2.0

edgecast An API client for the Edgecast CDN

edgegrid-node A Node.js client, reference implementation and authentication library for EdgeGrid.

editable Turn DOM elements into read-write streams with in-place editing

edp-zookeeper apache zookeeper client (zookeeper async API >= 3.4.0)

ee-net simple tcp client / server for easy json objects / data transmission

ejohn-classjs implementation of ejohn javascript inheritance

ejstpl compile ejs templates for use clientside as js functions

elastic-client ElasticSearch client. The module can be used to start ElasticSearch instances, configure instance settings, and interact with the instance after it is initialized.

elastical An ElasticSearch client.

elasticness Simple elasticsearch client

elasticsearch-bulk Extends elasticsearch-client to support the bulk API.

elasticsearchclient A client for Elastic Search

elastix A Fully Featured ElasticSearch Client with EJS integration.

ele A DOM-driven MVC application framework.

elibom A node client for rest API

elliott a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

emblem-js Server / Client library for HTML5 wealtime multiplayer games.

emitters Fancy node-compatible event emitters, including bubbling and singleton ready events.

ensurejs JavaScript's type-checking utility.

eoddata EODData client library for Node.js

esdash Functional programming helper library that is aware of (does not duplicate) the latest ECMAScript features, which are polyfillable in all ECMA-262 (even oldest browsers).

etcdx etcd v2 client for node.js

etsy Asynchronous Etsy API REST client.

EventHub Event Hub and clients for event-based applications

exactmedia Exact Media Node.js client library

exoskeleton Faster and leaner Backbone for your HTML5 apps.

exploitsearch A Node.js client for accessing API,

express-state Share server-side state with the client-side of an Express app via JavaScript.

facebook-client A javascript (nodejs) implementation of facebook's client for oauth and rest+graph api.

facebook-client-bn A fork of the original facebook-client. A javascript (nodejs) implementation of facebook's client for oauth and rest+graph api.

fakeredis Fake redis for testing, works as a drop-in replacement for node_redis

fanignite-fanbox-client fanignite fanbox API client

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