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bolgia Bolgia, an helper module for the config hell. It recursively clones, mixes, updates and improves configuration objects/hashes with nested properties. '..non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e passa..'

bredele-clone Clone objects and/or arrays

circularclone Clones circular object graphs in a non-recursive way

clone-merge Library for cloning an optionally merging json objects

clone-packages clone packages from one repo to another

clone-regexp Clone and modify a RegExp instance

clone-stats Safely clone node's fs.Stats instances without losing their class methods

cloneit A small utility for cloning and creating objects

clonr Quickly clone repos by repo name.

copy Create deep clones of JavaScript objects

core-extensions A set of extensions to the node core library, such as an isObject method to parallel isArray, a clone method and a mixin method.

deap extend and merge objects, deep or shallow

deep Utilities for manipulating nested data structures

deeply Deeply merges properties of the provided objects, returns untangled copy (clone)

docpad-plugin-repocloner DocPad plugin that clones out repos into your website

extend Port of jQuery.extend for Node.js

extendr Utilities for cloning, extending, and de-referencing objects in shallow, deep, and safe ways

fus POO pour Nodejs

gh-cloneall Clone all repos from a user or organization

git-fetch-pack git's smart fetch-pack protocol

git-lite git clone to local path

gitall Tool for cloning all repositories of a user or organization

github-clone clone github repositories to the local box.

github-cloner An interactive command line tool to list and clone your Github repositories

grunt-transfo Transfo offer both 'copy' and 'concat' task at once with the addition of streamed transformation of content and optional caching based on files mtime to limit unrequired file processing. Transfo should be used as an alternative to any grunt-contrib-copy and/or grunt-contrib-concat usage without any change in your grunt configuration (see compatibility test)

gulp-clone Clone files in memory in a gulp stream

init-skeleton A simple interface that clones or copies skeletons (base projects for your apps).

isaacs Your very own isaacs.

jquery-extend jQuery.extend function; plain and simple

js-object-clone Deep cloning and comparison for ES5

js.utils General JavaScript Utilities

jsonutil Convenience functions for working with JSON

jsutils Utilities for JavaScript.

kamino cli to clone all your repos from Gitlab

kaskade merge objects deeply and sincerely, most definitely

kd-traverse traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walk

marak Your very own marak.

merge JavaScript/NodeJS Merge is a tool to merge multiple objects into one object, with the possibility of create a new object cloned. His operation is very similar to the jQuery.extend function but more flexible.

merge-with Returns a map that consists of the rest of the maps transformed into the first. If a key occurs in more than one map, the mapping(s) from the latter (left-to-right) will be combined with the mapping in the result by calling `fn(val-in-result, val-in-latt

microbox The very tiny lightbox

node-v8-clone The most convenient and accurate cloner for node.js. It's also very fast in some cases (benchmarks inside).

node.extend A port of jQuery.extend that actually works on node.js

npm-clone Clone a node module, install its dependencies and run its tests

o2.object o2.js object-related methods

optimuslime-traverse traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walk

owl-deepcopy Packaged for npm

preffy-extend A version of the extend package that supports preferring types

propex Propex parses string expressions that provide taversal information about an object

pullable Pullable serves git repositories in read only mode over http.

regexp-clone Clone RegExps with options

rework-clone Clone module for Rework

super Extend everything.

template-clone Simple template-clone middleware to serve html and png files

traverse traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walk

traverse-directory Clone directories using copy/symlink

udc UltraDeepClone - A complete (as possible) deep-clone algorithm that can clone objects with cycles.

up-clone Clones prototypes

uupaa.clone.js Structured clone implement.

versione Creates new versions of objects with new properties.

whet.extend A sharped version of port of jQuery.extend that actually works on node.js

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