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1 Distributed pub/sub based in ØMQ

actionhero actionhero.js is a multi-transport API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks

amino Clustering framework for Node.js

amino-deploy command-line tool to deploy an application across a cluster of drones

amino-gateway Clusterable load-balancer for Amino services

amino-queue RabbitMQ plugin for amino 1.x

amino-redis Redis plugin for amino 1.x

amino-request Service request plugin for amino 1.x

amino-service Decentralized service registry plugin for amino 1.x

amino-spec Simple class for representing an amino service

aneth Quick and Dirty zeroconf cluster

angel superdaemon for hot-deploying net.Servers

aonx very opinionated application framework

aws-setup A Node Module and Command Line Tool for initializing AWS setups via JSON, YAML or JS scripts.

backpack-coordinator Coordination service for backpack cluster.

band Cluster management for nodejs

blurt A handy little tool for sending and receiving fire-and-forget UDP packets with JSON/BSON payloads.

bowl Multi process manager for Node.js

carbon Middleware based proxy for cluster or table based routing.

cloud remote scripting like capistrano / fabric for managing clusters

cloudd node based job execution engine

cloyster Git deploy cluster based on ploy and node-discover

clst Multi-core CPU support with nodejs

clu Manage your node cluster. With zero downtime

clu-dnode Dnode server for clu

cluster_custom using default cluster module for custom purposes with linux signal interface

cluster_master Easy cluster management + zero downtime deploys & reloads

cluster-airbrake Airbrake exception notification for cluster.js

cluster-bomb a node.js cluster management and monitoring system for explosive results

cluster-file-writer write to a single file from a cluster

cluster-fork Easily fork your app to use mulitple cores

cluster-hub Interaction between cluster processes (messaging, broadcasting, locks etc)

cluster-junction Start and monitor a cluster of processes

cluster-live Realtime administration and statistics for cluster

cluster-log Cluster logging plugin

cluster-mail Email notification plugin for Cluster

cluster-master-ext A module for taking advantage of the built-in `cluster` module in node v0.8+, enables rolling worker restarts, resizing, repl, events, configurable timeouts, debug method. Extended version of cluster-master

cluster-overseer An experimental cluster manager

cluster-pool Cluster of pools for generic resources

cluster-responsetimes Plugin for cluster to show response time stats

cluster-role A wrapper around the native Node 'cluster' built-in, that provides a convenient interface to start up multiple workers of different roles by configuration

cluster-server Simple multi-CPU cluster server manager for Node 0.6+

cluster-service Turns your single process code into a fault-resilient multi-process service with built-in REST & CLI support

cluster-start cluster-start is a wrapper for the Node.js cluster module to start applications in cluster mode, utilizing recluster

cluster.exception Exception handling for cluster.js clustering

clusterd clusterd - node js cluster daemon

clusterdb In-memory persistence for Node.js clustering across workers.

clusterflock a clustering http server for node

clusterhub Easily and efficiently sync data in your cluster applications.

clustering A small cluster module with plugin system

clusterize Helper for core cluster module.

clusterstream Piping streams across a cluster of Workers

clustr-node CoffeeScript cluster module to manage multi process cluster in NodeJs. Clustr is responseable for worker spawning and messaging between all processes.

cmanager Lightweight cluster manager.

collective Data synchronization/cache tool for multiple Node.js instances.

ctask Cluster task scheduler for nodejs

culture Distributed application framework

density-clustering Density Based Clustering in JavaScript

direktor Executes SSH commands on multiple servers in parallel

division Simple and powerful wrapper over node.js cluster API. This module is inspired by impressive but abandoned project Cluster created by visionmedia (TJ Holowaychuk)

domain-middleware uncaughtException middleware for connect, base on `domain` module.

easy-cluster A cluster daemon with a rest interface for your app.

easy-worker 方便使用的Worker封装

easymysql Mysql client in cluster mode, based on node-mysql

ee-orm An easy to use ORM for node.js. Supports advanced eager loading, complex queries, joins, transactions, complex database clusters & connection pooling.

express-cluster Simple drop-in for express apps to spawn multiple processes

failover Failover solution for managing cluster fucks

fan simple pub/sub clustering for node.js

firestarter-cluster Module to safely and easily start and stop your express app within a cluster

flan A sweet facade on top of a process.disconnect-based graceful collapse.

flat-pm2-interface Interact with pm2 via RPC and receive real time notifications

fleet command a cluster of processes

fleet-pm2 pm2 fleet plugin

forkraft a helper library for cluster api

forky node-forky ==========

gatling A simple node.js script that turns a single-threaded server into a multi-threaded server with automatic restarting.

ghost-town Simple queued & clustered PhantomJS processing.

graceful Graceful exit when `uncaughtException` emit, base on `process.on('uncaughtException')`.

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

gs-clutch Runs & manages your web server app as a cluster of multiple workers

happening Distributed network-based event emitter

haredis-tmp quick redis server cluster for testing or ephemeral data

hellojoe Robust automated worker processes in the spirit of Erlang

herd A simple wrapper over node cluster for zero-downtime reloads

hive-cluster AWS-Cluster Engine

huxtable iptables cluster management tool

impress Impressive Totalitarian-style Multipurpose Application Server for node.js. All decisions are made. Ready for applied development

iocluster Realtime clustering engine

jayson JSON-RPC 2.0 compliant server and client

jetpack Run your node project with a cluster.

jserver Loosely coupled server components with multiprocess support and good test coverage

jtcluster node cluster

jumpstarter Starts up an app with clusters.

kali improved cluster (multi-cpu) interface

kluster Wrapper around nodes cluster module

legion "I am Legion, for we are many." Raise a legion of Node worker processes to do your bidding.

less-cluster Parallel, directory-based execution of lessc.

level-cluster Use consistent-hashing with hash-rings to distribute reads and writes across multiple multilevel nodes.

log4node Logger for node cluster, compatible with logrotate

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