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generator-linters Yeoman generator generator for JavaScript linters and other code quality tools configurations.

grunt-jqlint validate JavaScript files with jqlint

grunt-jslint Validates JavaScript files with JSLint

grunt-linter Validates JavaScript files with JSLint or JSHint

jshint-runner Command-line runner for JSHint (

jshintrunner run the node module jshint recursively on a number of directories and files

jsl a modular js linter

koala-t Koala-t checks for code quality

linter Code quality tools collection in one module

node-cpplint Validates C++ files with cpplint

node-jslint CommonJS bindings for JSLint.

nodelint The nodelint command line tool allows you to check for problems using JSLint. You can specify your own --config file to use alternate JSLint options and your own --reporter file if you want to customise the generated output.

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