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node-syntaxhighlighter Node friendly version of Alex Gorbachev's great SyntaxHighlighter.

NodeKeynote Project to create an keynote node presenter

nodeworks Node.js IDE

npm-metadata-raw Retrieve the metadata for every package on NPM and store it in a level* database

nuby-factory A utility for spawning functions or more advanced nuby-express packages.

onedox Annotated source code documenter

passport-oauth2-code OAuth 2.0 authorization code authentication strategy for Passport.

piping Keep your code piping hot! Live code reloading without additional binaries

piping-browser Keep your code piping hot! Rebuild your client side code on change without binaries

predirect Simple http redirect method

qr-encode Encode a string into a QR code.

qr-js Library for QR code generation using canvas

readarepo Convert a git repo into an Html5 app to read offline in any browser anywhere.

readarepo-zip Convert a git repo to zipped up html to read anywhere.

runforcover require plugin for js code coverage using bunker

scarlet The simple fast javascript interceptor for methods and properties.

scripted A fast and lightweight browser based code editor

section-analytics Section plugin that adds the Google Analytics tracking code to html files.

section-highlight Section plugin that adds code highlighting to html pages.

singlequote Transform all doubel quote strings in a piece of JavaScript code to single quoted strings

smtp-reply Parse and create SMTP Replies

sp-cover-overall Native JavaScript code coverage

steamshovel Code Coverage Done Right!

sysexits Provide standard sysexits(3) exit codes.

tacify.js A three address code compiler for javascript

teamwork-coffeelint-rules Rules for CoffeeLint used by Teamwork to enfore a CoffeeScript code style

to-double-quotes Convert matching single-quotes to double-quotes: I 'love' unicorns => I "love" unicorns

to-single-quotes Convert matching double-quotes to single-quotes: I "love" unicorns => I 'love' unicorns

to-single-quotes-shahata Convert matching double-quotes to single-quotes: I "love" unicorns => I 'love' unicorns

undead kill dead code for minification

us-states mappings from USPS code to US state name

ustates US state by index, by name and by abbreviation

valiquire Validates that all require statements in a project point to an existing path and are correctly cased.

verification validate code for node.

vimify Transform your source code into beautiful css-styled html using your vim!

with-autoreloading Require a module in the REPL that attempts to reload itself when it is changed

works Node.js IDE

xf salesforce source code migration in terminal

xlint Powerful CLI for any lint (JSLint/JSHint +) solution.

zippity-do-dah Zip code data with lookup and utilities

zxing A port of LazarSoft's jsqrcode to npm (see

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