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applious-draft A draft site scaffold for rapid front-end development using CoffeeScript, Eco and Stylus.

aspa An opinionated, lightweight and simple to use web asset packager.

aspa-express Simple, lightweight, dependency-free Connect module for using web assets packaged by aspa.

bake-a-cake script to quickly init a coffee project. Including cakfile file

better-require require('better-require')('json yaml') lets you load JSON and YAML files using require syntax. For example: var config = require('./config.json'); Extensions available are: json, yaml.

boter A simple library for writing smooth IRC bots.

brickpi-coffeescript BrickPi API implementation in CoffeeScript for JS/CS

bsync-fibers Extremely easy fibers/futures library (using node-fibers). Also wraps caolan/async functions for better fiber-ized syntax.

butter-require A lesser fork of 'olalonde/better-require' - lets you load JSON and YAML files using require syntax. For example: var config = require('./config.json'); Extensions available are: json, yaml.

caching-coffeeify A coffeeify version that caches previously compiled coffee-script to optimize the coffee-script compilation step.

cade Jade/Blade inspired template compiler for coffee-script fans [early commits]

classdojo-coffeelint Lint your CoffeeScript ClassDojo-style

cm common Node modules/utils that I use

cnode run coffee script in node with source map

coffee_classkit Utilities for coffee-script classes

coffee-conf Write your config files in coffee-script.

coffee-dsl CoffeeScript DSL View Engine

coffee-gulp A tiny module which wraps gulpjs to use CoffeeScript for your gulpfile.

coffee-maker A simple tool to watch and compile multiple sources at once.

coffee-middle A connect middleware for compiling coffeescript.

coffee-middleware coffee-script middleware for connect.

coffee-mix Mixins support for CoffeeScript

coffee-reactify browserify v2 plugin for coffee-react csx

coffee-scrunch Concatenate CoffeeScript files with style

coffee-source-map Implementation of v3 sourcemaps in coffee-script.

coffee-splatters Coffee-script node utils.

coffee-subscript Integration between CoffeeScript and arbitrary DSL-s that compile to JavaScript

coffee-trace _makes debugging coffee-script easier by displaying corresponding lines of code in the stack-trace with style_

coffee2json coffee to json convertor

coffeegulp A tiny wrapper around Gulp to run your ``.

coffeeify browserify v2 plugin for coffee-script with support for mixed .js and .coffee files

coffeeify-redux browserify v2 plugin to compile coffee-script automatically using the coffee-script-redux compiler

coffeelint Lint your CoffeeScript

coffeelint-stylish Stylish reporter for CoffeeLint runtime

coffeenode-stacktrace Better stacktraces. Colors! Long stacktraces! File contents!

coffeete Simple templating with coffee-script string interpolation.

coffin Coffee dsl for aws cloudformation

component-prebuilder A Component builder that handles various preprocessors.

config-node Flexible lightweight configuration loader for Node

connect-compiler Dynamically recompile stale assets

connect-static-transform A connect middleware which allows transformation of static files before serving them.

costa Coffee classes for web application

creamer A flatiron plugin for dynamic coffeecup templates

crixalis Lightweight web framework

csdoc An API documentation generator for CoffeeScript.

cult Detects gulpfile extension and starts gulp accordingly. Works with JavaScript (gulpfile.js), CoffeeScript ( and LiveScript (

d16bunny a small assembler for the DCPU

docpad-plugin-coffeescript Adds support for CoffeeScript to JavaScript compilation to DocPad

docpad-plugin-cson Adds support for CSON to JSON compilation to DocPad

easybake A command line application that will pull a Cakefile template with all the defaults pre baked into the Cakefile.

escomplex-coffee Software complexity analysis for CoffeeScript projects. CoffeeScript-specific wrapper around escomplex.

express-error Display source code in express' error stack for JavaScript or CoffeeScript

exspresso A CoffeeScript Web Framework

fis-parser-coffee-script A parser plugin for fis to compile coffee script.

flash A command line tool for speedy application management

flour Javascript build tools based on coffee-script & cake

generator-bower A yeoman generator for bower components

generator-coffee A coffee generator for Yeoman

generator-corona-bower A yeoman generator for bower components that use corona sdk

generator-gulpplugin-coffee A Yeoman generator for CoffeeScript gulp plugins

generator-node-coffee A node generator for Yeoman for Coffee-Script projects

generator-panda A Yeoman generator that is ready to compile following preprocessors, Jade, Stylus and CoffeScript. RequireJS Optimizer is equipped as well.

generator-sblocks A front-end generator for Yeoman

gfwlist2ip 把伟大的GFWLIST转化成IP列表

gierschv-swagger-express Document your express rest api by jsDoc or yaml.

gray-matter A simple to use and extend front matter library. Supports parsing and extracting YAML, JSON, TOML or Coffee Front-Matter, with options to set custom delimiters.

grunt-coffee-browserify Compile all your coffeescript assets with grunt

grunt-coffeecup Compile CoffeeCup into HTML.

grunt-contrib-coffee-browserify Compile all your coffeescript assets with grunt

grunt-custom-coffee Compile CoffeeScript files to JavaScript -- you bring the compiler!

grunt-init-crison Grunt initializer template using Jade, Stylus & CoffeeScript

grunt-init-node-coffee Create a Node.js coffeescript project with grunt-init, including coffeescript watching and mocha testing

grunt-js2coffee Convert JavaScript to coffee-script.

gulp-coffeelint Lint your CoffeeScript using gulp and CoffeeLint

hey-coffee Simple flatfile site/blog tool

huginn Static blog pages

huginn-asset-bundler Huginn plugin asset bundler

huginn-liquid Port of Liquid to CoffeeScript

huginn-tag-cloud Huginn plugin tag cloud

icsify browserify v2 plugin for iced-coffee-script with support for mixed .js and .iced files

idiom A handy collection of CoffeeScript (and JavaScript) idioms

interpret A dictionary of file extensions and associated module loaders.

jaff Jaff Ain't Filtering Files

jastyco Watch and compile jade, stylus, coffee-script files

jumpstart-black-coffee Jumpstart template for a nice CoffeeScript npm module

karma-coffee-preprocessor A Karma plugin. Compile coffee script on the fly.

katra BASIC language interpreter in CoffeeScript

klei-migrate A database independent migration tool which support different migrations in different git branches

lilyturf a HMLT/CSS generator in CoffeeScript

metalsmith-coffee a coffee-script plugin for metalsmith

mfc Micro Framework for CoffeeScript

mixmaster A utility class for multiple inheritance in Coffeescript using mixins.

mocha-sprinkles helpers for mocha, when using coffee-script and Q

mundle-coffee-script A plugin for mundlejs to allow coffee-script compilation

muninn Muninn application server

music2sql Module for reading metadata from audio files and storing it into a SQL database

nextflow A simple control-flow library for Node.js targetted towards CoffeeScript developers.

node-cache Simple and fast NodeJS internal caching. Node internal in memory cache Run node.js scripts directly from CoffeeScript-files

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