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haskell Lambda functions and functional programming for javascript

hey-coffee Simple flatfile site/blog tool

hubot-hotbot A Hubot script for Slack to pick who makes the coffee.

icecast-admin icecast admin nodejs library

ion Indented Object Notation is a YAML inspired, JSON compatible object serialization format that is optimized for human authoring and readability. Whenever possible, quotes, brackets and escape characters are not required and structure is implied by indentation.

jabher-gulpfile Personal configurable gulp config that can be used in most of projects

jadelesscoffee Combined compiler for Jade, LessCSS, and CoffeeScript

james-coffee James plugin to compile CoffeeScript files.

james-cson James plugin to compile CSON to JSON.

jeeves Selenium RemoteWebDriver abstraction layer built on the 'wd' npm module

kaffee Kaffee is a software project management tool similar to Maven and is written in Coffeescript. Kaffee allows you to compile, test, minify and many other tasks to make building your application simple and fun again.

kaffee-cli Command line interface for the Kaffee library.

kahvesi A coffeescript coverage tool using Istanbul

karma-coffee-preprocessor A Karma plugin. Compile coffee script on the fly.

karma-commonjs-preprocessor Preprocessor which enables you to load CoffeScript or Javascript CommonJS Modules on the fly using custom register and loader code.

leap leap is a simple flow-control tool for coffee-script

leboncoin library Down-and-dirty, 100-line Lisp-style macros in CoffeeScript

matescript MateScript is CoffeeScript than compiles to PHP. Project is in incubating state.

micro_proxy spawn http proxies on the fly with aws

mr-coffee CoffeeScript support for MontageJS’s Mr, Mrs, and Mop module system

mug a command line text editor written in and powered by coffeescript which can use codemirror modes

nbuild Set of build helpers

neat Neat is a project structure for nodejs combined with a customizable command line tool

nesh An enhanced, extensible shell for Node.js

netsoul netsoul protocol library

nextflow A simple control-flow library for Node.js targetted towards CoffeeScript developers.

node-cache Simple and fast NodeJS internal caching. Node internal in memory cache

node-jade-compress An asynchronous JS/CSS compressor with CoffeeScript and Sass support.

onlinenet bot library

otis Documentation generator for every language ever based on docker and docco. Named after the author of "Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay," whose birthday just passed.

pegcoffee A PEG.js plugin for using CoffeeScript with the post-0.7 pegjs plugin API

react-kup react-kup is a simple, non-intrusive alternative to jsx for coffeescript

recursive-coffee-middle A connect middleware for compiling coffeescript.

serveur Simple command-line file / directory server built with connect

shortcake Shorten your Cakefiles and fix oddities in cake.

smite Web development with a hammer.

sneaky Deployment Genius

spectacular Advanced BDD framework for CoffeeScript and JavaScript

stemplate Takes a string, a object hash and replaces every matching placeholder with the value from the object hash

tapas Preconfigured Express environment with multiple modules and helpers

teacup Render HTML with native CoffeeScript templates. No magic, no fuss.

tintan Titanium development with style. A suite of Jake build tasks which integrate with Sublime Text and Titanium Studio. Usable on all platforms.

version-map A utilitary for manipulating version maps.

voila best asset manager one can get in nodejs

watch-compile An watch-compile tool for nodejs.Useful for webdev real-time compilation such as less/coffee or what ever you want.

watcher_lib A library that can watch a directory and recompile files if they change. Can be used to build watcher applications such as less-watcher or coffee-watcher.

wcompilr Watches and compiles coffescript, sass and less

without Yet another CoffeScript template (without `with`, coffescript and templates)

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