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by-coffeelint A Bystander plugin for CoffeeLint.

coffeelint-min-colon-spacing Validate a minimum spacing left and right of a colon assignment

coffeelint-newline-after-function Validate a newline policy after function definitiions

coffeelint-newline-at-eof Validate a newline policy at the end of each file

coffeelint-stylish Stylish reporter for CoffeeLint runtime

coffeelint-use-strict A CoffeeLint rule that enforces usage of strict mode

coffeelint-variable-scope CoffeeLint rule that warn you when you accidentally overwrite outer scope variable

coffeestand A recursive CoffeeScript watcher also aware of newly added files.

docpad-plugin-coffeelint coffeelint plugin for docpad

gulp-coffeelint Lint your CoffeeScript using gulp and CoffeeLint

gulp-coffeelint-threshold A GulpJS plugin to catch the output from gulp-coffeelint and call a callback if the error or warning count is above a threshold you set

lineman-coffeelint Provide CoffeeLint functionality to your Lineman application.

mimosa-coffeelint A CoffeeLinting module for Mimosa

sg lint some code, like I do, or at least similarly

teamwork-coffeelint-rules Rules for CoffeeLint used by Teamwork to enfore a CoffeeScript code style

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