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ak-collection collection

ampersand-collection A way to store/manage objects or models.

ampersand-collection-rest-mixin A mixin for extending ampersand-collection with restful methods.

ampersand-collection-underscore-mixin A mixin for extending ampersand-collection with underscore methods.

ampersand-registry Global model registry for tracking instantiated models accross collections.

ampersand-rest-collection ampersand-collection with REST and Underscore mixins.

ampersand-subcollection Filterable, sortable, proxy of a collection that behaves like a collection.

anore Models. Or at least part of them.

array-like An inheritable Class that behaves like an Array

array-model Extension of native Array object to make it a collection model

arraylist List based on Array

arsenal A collection of various useful mechanisms for javascript applications

backbone-collection-view CollectionView implementation for Backbone.

backbone-filtered-collection Create a filtered version of a backbone collection that stays in sync.

backbone-nesty Support nested data types like collections and models within your Backbone.js models

backbone-set-event Triggers an event on backbone collections when Collection.set() is called

Backbone.Chosen One Collection different models, mapped easy via configuration

backbone.databinding The plugin implements a two-way data binding between views and models/collections.

backbone.facetr A library to perform faceted search on Backbone collections

backbone.obscura A read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that can easily be filtered, sorted, and paginated.

backbone.projections Various projections for Backbone.Collection

backbone.schema The plugin helps you define schemas for your models. It supports a regular types, arrays, nested or reference models/collections, allows to define a custom data types and computable properties.

backbone.strictcollection A strict version of Backbone.Collection with more control over the data

batchfile Batch operations, transformations, and conversions on files.

batchtransform Batch transform/convert a collection of files e.g. convert a collection of markdown template files to html files.

bb-collection-view Easily render backbone.js collections with support for automatic selection of models in response to clicks, reordering models via drag and drop, and more.

beforesort Sort an item in a collection relative to other items based on it's before/after attribute

bonfire Throw your database to the flames.

bridgejs A realtime data synchronization framework for nodejs and clients

clctr Event emitting collections with iterators (like Backbone.Collection).

coll JavaScript Collection Library for Node.js.

collection Node.js cross-platform native collection library

collection_functions Provides typical collection/enumerable functions (think underscore.js) - but it's agnostic about storage and iteration details.

collection-diff collectionDiff takes two arrays of objects and return one array describing the similarities and differences

collectioneventemitter A base class to extend for any class that wants to use both UnderscoreJS array mixins and eventemitter

collectioneventemitter2 A base class to extend for any class that wants to use both UnderscoreJS array mixins and eventemitter2

collectionsts collectionsts =============

common-regex a collection of common regular expressions

dictjs Collections that uses an object as a key.

drifter Just passing through: a log collection infrastructure

drifter-rsyslog rsyslog plugin for drifter

during Chainable async utilities for collections and arrays

enumerable-js Utility functions for all types of collections

es6-map ECMAScript6 Map polyfill

es6-set ECMAScript6 Set polyfill

es6-weak-map ECMAScript6 WeakMap polyfill

exempel lean Backbone like Model and Collection

fendjs-model Elegant data models for Fend.js

fendjs-model-restful RESTful model plugin for Fend.js model

functional.js A functional JavaScript library that facilitates currying and point-free programming

harmony-collections Shim to provide Map, Set, and WeakMap if they're not available, with non-leaky O(1) lookup WeakMaps

ht Hash Table Implementation for javascript

hypermedia-type A Node.js module exporting a map of common hypermedia names to registered IANA media type names.

immutable-collections Persistent collections for Javascript

indexed-map An enhanced map that supports easy insertion or deletion at specific position. Give access to entries by index or key. Can be used instead of a linked list.

into Chainable async utilities for collections and arrays

javascript.util javascript.util is a port of selected parts of java.util to JavaScript

jcollections A Powerful Collections Framework in JavaScript A small framework for building KnockoutJS apps

level-gc Garbage collection for levelup

light-orm Super simple ORM node.js wrapper for relational databases. It does not depends on any specific driver, so you can connect to mysql, ms server and so on... Try it!

listish Queue, Stack, LinkedList implemented using Maps

liver update page markup when a leveldb database changes

lot Chainable async utilities for collections and arrays

moco Small idiomatic es5 model and collection.

model-observe Model/Collection wrapper to observe an object via change-summary

modelarray data models array

mongo-col mongoDB collection wrapper

mongo-collection A very lazy way to get a mongo collection with mongoskin

mongo-live-collection [Array √] [EventEmitter √] [MongoDB Collection √]

mongodb-collection-dump Dumps a mongodb collection to a stream.

mongodb-extensions Friendly collection extensions to the native mongodb native driver. Inspired by MongoSkin minus the kitchen sink.

mongodb-schema-miner Generate schemas from MongoDB collections

mongoose-findbyids Find documents in a MongoDB collection by an array of IDs

morse-codes the morse alphabet and other codes

morse-decodes the morse alphabet and other codes

nightcap Monitor your Mongo capped collections

node-collection an ORM for node.js

node-set Set data structure A collection of utilities for node.js+express.js projects

nylon Nylon =====

o2 Node.js module export for o2.js JavaScript Framework

oak-query Iterable model for chaining query to simplify collection transformations and manipulations

observable-map Configure observable map collections

observable-multi-set Configure observable multi set collections

observable-set Configure observable set collections

order handle ordered async lists

overlog Simple logs collection and retrieval.

pinvault A key-value store with partial-object key matching.

plusplus I need a better Underscore in Node.js.

recycle Reduce, reuse and recycle your JS

reduced pull style lazy combinators for monadic containers

reducers Library for higher-order manipulation of collections

reducible High-order abstraction for reducible data structures

reol Keep an array of objects indexed by field, for super-fast retrieval.

ribcage-table A simple table view ribcage-ui

ribcage-table-row A simple table row for ribcage-ui

rr Component to iterate an array round robin.

set-collection Set collection type

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