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eshighlight highlight javascript code based on an esprima AST

euclidean-distance Calculate the Euclidean distance been two points in 2D/3D/nD space.

extlog Easy, clear and colored logging

fuzelog A simple node.js logger fusing log.js with log4js's layouts and colors, supporting console and file logging.

gradient A class for generating gradients.

graycolorize replace grayscale with color from a colormap

grunt-aco2less A grunt plugin used to create .less variables out of .aco files.

has-color Detect whether a terminal supports color

heroku-log-filter Filter heroku logs and retain the color.

hexit a library for dealing with color hex codes

huey A little utility that finds the dominant colour of an image and returns it as an RGB array.

hugh-detector detect the color red in an image

husl Replacement for the HSL color space

icolor Add ANSI colors to strings

imagecolors A node module that pulls useful color information out of an image through a combination of ImageMagick color quantization algorithms and human fiddling.

irc-colors Color and formatting for irc made easy.

is-hsl-color Loosely check whether a string is an HSL(A) color string.

is-rgb-color Loosely check whether a string is an RGB(A) color string.

jogger A Javascript logger.

just.randomcolor generate random color and converts to desired format

log_ console.log in color and with custom prefixes

luminance Convert RGB to grayscale

maxmin Get a pretty output of the original, minified, gzipped size of a string or buffer: 130 B → 91 B → 53 B (gzip)

minichain Minimal semantic chainable output styler/writer

ministyle Minimal chainable semantic output styler/writer

minitable Minimal table-layout for semantic styler/writer

miniwrite Minimal semantic output writer

mkslogger Simple logging library, forked from nlogger.

mrcolor Just give me some colors already!

my-colors my colors

nearest-color Find the nearest color

ng-prettyjson AngularJS directive for json pretty output (colors and indent)

ninja-colorlog colorfull log console

node-hue-api An API library for Node.js that interacts with the Philips Hue Bridge to control Philips Hue Light Bulbs and Philips Living Color Lamps.

node-print Print Tool

node-simple-log Overlay to the function console.log, other colors, added prefix with date and class name.

node-stage A beautiful stage console.

ntc Name that Color

onecolor Javascript color object with implicit color space conversions. Supports RGB, HSV, HSL and CMYK with alpha channel.

palette Image color palette with node-canvas

pantone Find the nearest PMS color using hex or rgb colors from CLI or as a dependency.

parse-color parse a css color string (plus hsv and cmyk) into an object

pheasant Easy colors manipulations.

pigments A color model for atom packages

pretty-tree Make colorful trees out of JSON objects using archy

quantize A node.js module for color quantization, based on Leptonica.

rainbow-dash Very fast color interpolation in Javascript

rainbowcolor textarea selection library for the browser

rancol A simple random HEX color generator.

random-color Module to generate random RGB colors

recolor terminal color formatter, supported nesting styles.

reggol As a Logger but reversed. It's a simple console logger with labels and coloration for Node.js

relative-luminance calculate relative luminance

remotelog Log library with multiple transports: console [colored], file, network, socket

rework-color Augmented color manipulation functions for rework

rework-color-function Implements Tab Atkins's proposed color function in CSS.

rework-hex-alpha Convert hex colors with alpha values into their RGBA equivalents for more browser support.

rex-shell A lightweight library for Node.js that will help developers display nice, pretty, colored messages in a console window.

rgb converts all sorts of colors to rgb format.

rgb2ryb [DEPRECATED] Convert colors in JavaScript from rgb to ryb and back

rgbcolor A module to parse color values

rlcolormixer Mix colors as expected in real life (subtractive) in javascript.

ryb-color-mixer Mix colors as expected in real life (subtractive) in javascript.

ryb2rgb Convert colors in JavaScript from ryb to rgb

secretary Bring common sense to console logging.

Simplog Simple logger & real-time browser log client for Node.js apps.

stil style node.js command-line output with ease

stochator A tiny library providing for creating a variety of random value generators.

str-console colored console

string-hash-colour Pick a colour from a string. Repeatable but not reversable.

strip-ansi Strip ANSI escape codes (used for colorizing strings in the terminal)

sty Color and more for the console

style-js Comprehensive color manipulation classes.

styled the console styling/colorization library that does only one thing

supercli A lightweight library for Node.js that will help developers display nice, pretty, colored messages in a console windows.

svg2css Read SVGs from a directory, creates sprites of each svg with color variations specified in a separated JSON file, and generates a simple CSS file.

tap-browser-color A simple reporter for tap/tape that makes the body tag yellow/red/green if pending/failing/passing. Useful for live-coding environments.

tapr Tapper (tapr) is a node.js tap test runner which allows stdout and stderr mixed in with the tap output and also presents assert output in a more abbreviated fashion. Tapper also optionally adds color to the output. Core based on Isaac Z Schlueter original tap runner. Because of Isaac's modular design Tapr/Tapper customizes the runner but uses all the original tap components.

termcolor console.color

tinycolor2 Fast Color Parsing and Manipulation

tinylog Transform the console object into a colored logger system.

tinytinycolor Even Tinier Color Parsing and Manipulation

toolbox A collection of useful JavaScript utilities

toxiclibsjs toxiclibsjs is an open-source library for computational design tasks with JavaScript.

toxiclibsjs-examples The website for toxiclibs.js

ttycolor Terminal colors that respect whether a stream is a tty

typo Typo is a scalable template engine designed for cli, which help to format your console output! Typo supports full 256-color ANSI background and foreground, underline, italic, etc.

uncolor Remove ANSI escape codes from stringsr

unicorn Add some color to your command line.

voxel-colorist Colour grading post-processing shader for voxel.js

wcag-contrast evaluate the wcag color contrast score for two colors

xcolor Extended colors and markup for the terminal

yalog Logging module that allows for custom levels and custom output support

yetify A way to make terminal output all &yet-ified

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