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ansi-font ANSI font styling utils

ansi-logger Console logger with support for colors and log levels, it complies to the default console.log interface, with methods like log,error,warn,debug and extended with some extra levels for nice formatting purposes.

ansi-stripper Strip ansi color codes from a string

ansi-styles ANSI escape codes for colorizing strings in the terminal

ansicolors Functions that surround a string with ansicolor codes so it prints in color.

ascli A uniform foundation for unobtrusive (ASCII art in) cli apps.

ascolor a simple ascii color library

bashprompt A bash prompt framework in node.js

benchtable Benchmark.js results in ascii tables for NodeJS

ccolors get colors in your node.js cli console like what

chalk Terminal string styling done right. Created because the `colors` module does some really horrible things.

cli-table Pretty unicode tables for the CLI

coigres-colors `npm install -g coigres-colors`

colog colog - console log with colors

color-slicer Generate lists of readable text colors.

color-terminal Control your terminal colours.

colorama A library to aid in color manipulation, conversion and transformation.

colorific Text coloring (with ANSI) for nodejs

coloring Command Line Text Coloring

colorit give some colors to your node.js console apps

colors get colors in your node.js console like what

colors.js A simple color manipulation javascript library.

colors2 Get colors in your node.js console like what

colorsafeconsole A console wrapper to prevent ANSI colors being printed to output streams which aren't TTY

colour A cored, fixed, documented and optimized version of the popular `colors.js`: Get colors in your node.js console like what...

colours get colors in your node.js console like what

consolation Add some flavors to node's default console.log

console-colour Change your terminal output colour

consologger A simple logger so you can manage all your 'console.log()' from a main lib. Coloured output, dynamic prefixing, and on/off switch. Feel free to make requests, report bugs, and suggest ideas.

couleurs Convert any string to the nearest Terminal color using x256 library.

css-color-names A JSON Object of css color names mapped to their hex value

css-colors-solarized CSS and Stylus style sheets for Ethan Schoonover's solarized colors.

culoare Colours for the node console, served with hot coffee

curly-colors Simplifies the working with console colors

ebay-morpheus Modified version of Morpheus which is a brilliant animator

fn-colors Add colors methods to Function.prototype

fuzelog A simple node.js logger fusing log.js with log4js's layouts and colors, supporting console and file logging.

goggles Peek at images from the command line

has-color Detect whether a terminal supports color

hypernal Renders terminal output as html to simplify reusing server side modules in the browser.

iterm-colors Converts iTerm2's color schemes (plist files) to a JSON array useable in term.js and others

jshint-nice-reporter Colored jshint reporter

just.randomcolor generate random color and converts to desired format

log-colors A colorized winston console logger

logan Mini template system for the console and colors

logerize Colorized log module.

logsimple A simple but colorful logger

long-con Create a console logger w/ formatting, timestamp, color, namespace

mag-colored-output Transform stream that makes collored message from log object

morpheus A Brilliant Animator

morpheus-bg A Brilliant Animator

msee Msee is a command-line tool to read Markdown file in your terminal, and it's a library help your command-line software to output readable markdown content.

nearest-color Find the nearest color

node_logger Small logger module to wrap util.inspect and console.log and add colors.

node-colorfactory Awesome methods for working with colors in javascript.

node-terminal control your terminal from node

nodebb-plugin-color NodeBB Plugin that allows users to use colors in their posts.

pastel super-colored connect logging middlware

pm2-cli-table Pretty unicode tables for the CLI

pretty-tree Make colorful trees out of JSON objects using archy

prettyjson Package for formatting JSON data in a coloured YAML-style, perfect for CLI output

shell Full features and pretty console applications

simple-ansi A simple module to expose ansi terminal codes as memorable names.

strip-ansi Strip ANSI escape codes (used for colorizing strings in the terminal)

styled the console styling/colorization library that does only one thing

stylus-flatuicolors flat ui colors plugin for stylus

stylus-mrmrscolors mrmrs colors plugin for stylus

terminal A collection of different terminal utility functions.

terminal-colors Terminal colors made easy

termspeak Utilities that enable your Node program to speak to your terminal including coloring, formatting.

ultra-repl Starting with Node's built in REPL, add in a completely redone inspect formatter, actual functioning separate V8 contexts, keybindings to create, switch, and delete between them, combine it with a bunch of color. ULTRA REPL.

x256 find the nearest xterm 256 color index for an rgb

yadsil Yet Another Dead-SImple Log on stderr for CLI tools.

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