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char-props Utility for looking up line and column of a character at a given index and vice versa

chardiff Character-level text diffs respecting line boundaries

column Column for writting

columnify Render data in text columns, supports in-column text-wrap.

columnpress ColumnPress for writting blog

file-position Given a row/column number, return the index of that character within the whole string

jquery-lineup Just fix heights of the cols in the same row.

linewrap Word wrapping with HTML, ANSI color code, indentation and paragraphing support.

node-column Unix column util in nodejs

syntax-error detect and report syntax errors in source code strings

tabular Create fluid lists in which the first column adapts to the content

translocator Convert line-column locations to ranges and vice-versa.

underscoreunderscore Underscore Underscore gives you magic variables to figure out what file (or line or column) you are in, get a stack trace, or know what code called the current file. Sometimes you just need node's __file magic variable or console.trace() function.

wordwrap Wrap those words. Show them at what columns to start and stop.

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