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4chan 4chan picture downloader

argsparser A tiny command line arguments parser

argumentum Option parser with generated usage and commands

bagofcli A bag-of-holding containing CLI utility functions.

buffered-shell A tool to run commands in the shell, receiving them in chunks

cheeto top level domain bot that returns and or validates url tlds -- command line utility as well

cli A tool for rapidly building command line apps

clifier Create cli utility easily

clit Command line timer.

couchtato CouchDB documents iterator tool.

cushion-cli Command line tool for CouchDB based on cushion.

dnspod-cli a tool for test dnspod tools

easy-config Configuration loader for node using object extending and input from files and command line Quick example of using Process.exec

flags Flag library for node.js

frameless a tiny framework to write command line programs

generator-node-cli Kickstart a command line application for node.js.

gitlab-cli Gitlab API on the command line

gtrs Google Translate command line tool

gyp-builder A way to build gyp files programmatically

hacker Hack on your project easily.

hash-filename A command line tool that puts the hash of a file into its filename.

iron-cache-cli Command line interface for managing Iron Caches.

jargvy Command line args parser

jfdi A Hacker's Way of Getting $#!% Done

jshon JSON parser designed for maximum convenience within the shell

liftoff Launch your command line tool with ease.

lineparser A meta-data driven command line parser for Node.js

map-replace A command line tool that applies replacements described in a JSON map to files.

mjsunit.runner Command line mjsunit runner which provides an easy way to hook into mjsunit and start running tests immediately..

mocha-phantomjs PhantomJS Runners for Mocha

modulus The command line interface for deploying applications to the Modulus hosting platform.

nf Node CLI Filter -- Do one liners easier

node-art Make ASCII arts with this node.js command line utility

node-firefoxos-cli Firefox OS command line commander

node-web-repl Add a web-based read/eval/print/loop to your Node.js app (useful for debugging)

nodebug Command line utility that simplifies node debugging

nomnom Option parser with generated usage and commands

os-cli Show OS Information in Command Line

procstreams Enable easier shell scripting in node

quickserve Utility to instantly serve static content from a given directory. Useful for quickly running local examples that use AJAX in Chrome.

readarepo-zip Convert a git repo to zipped up html to read anywhere.

redis-dump Dump redis database into redis commands or json with command line or node.js

sbt The SyncML Backup Tool.

simpleargs Simple Arguments processing for Node.js

statify A static file server to make any directory available via HTTP from the command line.

stdask A simple way to ask the user for command line input

stl2json Convert binary|ascii stl data into json on the command line

t-dm Send and read Direct Messages on Twitter from the command line

test-cli Test CLI applications (that are written a certain way).

testister Modefied PhantomJS Runners for Mocha

tis A helper - for inline JavaScript Templates.

tsi A typescript REPL (command line interpreter)

tutti Tutti - a fun way to browser test. Includes both a terminal application(CLI), and a driver library.

ultra-repl Starting with Node's built in REPL, add in a completely redone inspect formatter, actual functioning separate V8 contexts, keybindings to create, switch, and delete between them, combine it with a bunch of color. ULTRA REPL.

verbalize A lightweight command line logging utility, with verbose mode and colors by chalk.

watchman A simple utility to watch files/directories and perform an action when they change.

whoa Command line youtube music queue.

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