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1pass 1Password reader for the command line.

ansi-styles ANSI escape codes for colorizing strings in the terminal

argh light weight option/argv parser for node, it only parses options, nothing more then that.

arguments Yet Another command-line parser for node.js

bios A basic input output system for nodejs

booker An easy-to-use but powerful node.js command-line logger

browser-terminal pipe a shell into an interactive browser terminal

brt Browser Tools: command-line tools for browsers

calabash Calabash offsers a shortcut for bash command-lines

ccurl CouchDB command-line helper

chalk Terminal string styling done right. Created because the `colors` module does some really horrible things.

cl-strings > String template system for multi-colour console output with interpolation.

clie Command line with evented composition

clint event driven options parser

clintish event driven options parser

clisms A command-line app to send SMS messages using the Clickatell SMS gateway

cmdr command line apps made easy

cmdt Command-line tool for testing command-line tools

comfort Comfort is a much better node.js commander solution for sub commands.

crosstalk-cli Crosstalk Client Command Line Interface (CLI)

crun Generates JavaScript functions mapped to system commands

datagen Multi-process test data files generator

docdown A simple markdown to html command-line conversion tool

emergency-dns-server An Emergency, Zero-Config DNS server

fast-download-cli command-line http download client, accelerated with fast-download

flashlight Command-line tool to inspect your Node.js project dependencies for problems.

funtang.compiler The FunTang language compiler.

gapify Command-line tool to compile Express apps into PhoneGap apps

generator-node-cli Kickstart a command line application for node.js.

gumba Gumba provides modern language features to your everyday shell scripting

has-color Detect whether a terminal supports color

jeez jeez helps you generating JSON documents from the command line

jstestdriver Wrapper for Google's jstestdriver

jumpstart Creates projects from templates with placeholders.

kirby Cloud control command line app for AWS

knid Quickly post things to couchdb

lego-cli A command line tool for lego projects

lesswatcher Command-line tool to trigger lessc when files change

lever 前端持续集成开发工具,“开发、测试、集成、发布”一条龙服务

liten HTML pre-processor with a sassy flavor.

loggie An easy-to-use but powerful node.js command-line logger

minni Minimalistic Command Line Todo list

mtail Tail multiple files

nixt Simple and powerful testing for command-line apps

node-cc Run the `compass compile` command by NodeJS

node-comline Simple command-line parser

node-googler Search google from the command line

OptionParser Command-line option parser similar to getopt

optparse Command-line option parser

param param is a tiny module to read config parameters

parseopt Advanced command line option parser.

pass-gen An easy-to-use command-line password generator

platter dead simple micro templating pre-compiler

ply-cli Command-line utility for generating and working with Google Polymer element sources

realist micro framework for developing command line apps

repoman Multi-repository source code management command-line tool

restartr Restart your process when a file changes.

s3front Command-line tool to upload a directory to an AWS S3 bucket and optionally invalidate the associated AWS CloudFront distribution.

sci-calc Command-line cientific calculator based on node REPL, with the possibility to declare functions and variables, and save them and load them. This command-line calculator possesses a permanent history.

sickmerge A git command-line conflict resolution tool. In the browser.

slugify-cli Slugifies all files

stalk-it a stalker that watches over a set of directories and copies the same over place specified

stil style node.js command-line output with ease

strip-ansi Strip ANSI escape codes (used for colorizing strings in the terminal)

subarg parse arguments with recursive contexts

testcli Command line application testing helpers

typo Typo is a scalable template engine designed for cli, which help to format your console output! Typo supports full 256-color ANSI background and foreground, underline, italic, etc.

typo-ascii Typo-ascii is a typo plugin to draw ascii art of several kinds of styles in CLI.

typo-image Typo-image is an ANSI image plugin for typo - draw images into command-line (CLI)!

web-terminal Web-Terminal is a terminal server that provides remote CLI via standard web browser and HTTP protocol.

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