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accesslog Simple common/combined access log middleware

ameba Common library for

amoeba Common library for

argo-clf Argo logging using CLF

bdsm Extracts dominant colors from bottom and top parts of an image.

blank Common js functions library

blank-js Common js functions library

chai-common Chai.js plugin containing commonly used custom assertions

cjs-rename Rename a CJS file thing

clf-parser A basic parser for the common log format seen in apache and nginx logs

cm common Node modules/utils that I use

cmon CommonJS and ender-inspired require/provide with events

common-errors Common error classes and utility functions

common-regex a collection of common regular expressions

common-words Updated list (JSON) of the 100 most common words in the English language. Useful for excluding these words from arrays.

commondir Compute the closest common parent for file paths

generic-function A generic function implementation for node.js with CLOS-like (Common Lisp Object System) syntax.

gulp-common-wrap Add commonjs wrapper

lang common function for javascript on nodejs

least-common-ancestor O(1) least common ancestor queries for JSON trees

libs utilities for general NodeJS development

messages Common REST API messages

node-dbi A Database abstraction layer for Node.js, bundled with several DB engines adapters A collection of utilities for node.js+express.js projects

open.core Common utility functionality used between multiple applications.

requirejs-common-wrap-middleware requirejs common wrap middleware

rods-node-util A collection of small utility methods.

rods-util A collection of small utility methods.

saucejs Common javascript modules for Sauce

things common imports

totoro-common Common methods of totoro.

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