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bazaar A publish-subscribe (broadcast-listen) layer for same-origin inter-window communication

bridgejs A realtime data synchronization framework for nodejs and clients

broadcaster Singleton event emitter for inter-application communication.

cluster-hub Interaction between cluster processes (messaging, broadcasting, locks etc)

devicestack This module helps you to represent a device and its protocol.

dnode-ez dnode made even easier!

flic Easy Inter-process Communication via TCP for node.js

marlin A realtime communication library for nodejs and the browsers

msg-rpc Bidirectional rpc support over simple message interface

node-ipc A nodejs module for local and remote Inter Process Communication (IPC), Neural Networking, and able to facilitate machine learning.

node-synapse [WIP] Registering P2P IPs

node-webrtc non-browser real-time communication endpoint, interoperable with webrtc enabled browsers.

npush n:push Real Time Messaging System by Newicon Ltd.

phony-node Telephony framework for FreeSWITCH

post Emitter-like component to create safe cross origin communication

rtkapi An API to communicate with an R11 server

simple-cluster Very simple Redis-based pub/sub communication between processes, with Express middleware.

slapback Fork a worker that will echo back all inter-process communication it recieves from the master process, allowing you to perform validation.

spectrum-calculator calculate and draw optical spectrum

sqwiggle-node Node.js library for the Sqwiggle API ZeroRPC bridge to the web ZeroRPC bridge to the web

tcp.js Easy TCP communication for node.js

tikitaka Object-based data exchange library

zerorpc A port of ZeroRPC to node.js

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