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alamid-sorted-array Turns an array into a sorted array

almost-equal Test if two floats are almost equal

array-util Array utils for misc. but useful things, so far just compares arrays

bal-util Common utility functions for Node.js used and maintained by Benjamin Lupton

bounds Mixin for checking if value is inside or outside of bounds

comparator Generate comparator functions with deep object access support

comparator.js Comparator.js - different way to compare your js-objects

compare ERROR: No file found!

compare-angle Compares two angles with a common edge

compare-numbers Compare two numbers, return -1/0/1. To be used to sort arrays

compare-property Array sort compare util

compare-version Compare semver version numbers

compareobj Compare objects or json strings.

comparify Simple criteria checking, so you can test a subset of an object's properties.

component-compare compare two version of component

damerau-levenshtein Damerau - Levenshtein distance by The Spanish Inquisition + relative distance

deep-diff Javascript utility for calculating deep difference, capturing changes, and applying changes across objects; for nodejs and the browser.

deep-equal node's assert.deepEqual algorithm

deep-equal2 node's assert.deepEqual algorithm with constructor check

deep-is node's assert.deepEqual algorithm except for NaN being equal to NaN

deepequal Deep comparison of two variables

dependiff Compare diffs of dependencies between meta files.

dhash Compute difference hash of image

difflet colorful diffs for javascript objects

difty Compare objets or arrays and get diffs

egal Strict equality test (like ===) that handles both built-in and custom value objects (those with the valueOf function).

equal-streams Check if streams are eqal

fcmp easy way to get checksum or compare the content of two files

file-compare Compare two file hashes and callback result

fs-compare Compare file stats of two files.

get-closest Compare your item to items in an array and get the closest one.

git-release-notes Generate beautiful release notes from a git log.

gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node.js

gm-traperas GraphicsMagick for node.js

grunt-compare-json Compare some JSON files

grunt-diff Run tasks only when target files change.

is-equal Are these two values conceptually equal?

is-predicate A set of predicate functions to improve your value testing and comparisons.

iterative-compare Compare two sorted lists via iterators

levenshtein-damerau A quick and easy Damerau Levenshtein implementation (not a Levenshtein only operation which doesn't do look aheads or transpositions).

mozilla-version-comparator The mozilla-version-comparator is a javascript implementation of the versioning policy used in mozilla softwares. See for explanation

natural-compare-lite Compare strings containing a mix of letters and numbers in the way a human being would in sort order.

nm-request Request url and output result

node-matchstats Compares two strings and gives you back stats as to how similar they are

noflo-compare Performing Comparisons in NoFlo

objectcompare Node.js library for comparing objects.

operator-compare Comparing two variables with operator as argument

order-maintenance Ordered list maintenance data structure

permutation-rank Ranks and unranks permutations

png-diff Small PNG diff utility, written in pure JS for Node.

resemblejs Image analysis and comparison with HTML5

scmp safe, constant-time string-comparison

shallow-equals Determine if an array or object is equivalent with another, *not* recursively

shortcode-params This utility combine user attributes with known attributes and fill in defaults when needed.

skodld A quick and easy Damerau Levenshtein implementation (not a Levenshtein only operation which doesn't do look aheads or transpositions).

sort-dom Sort a DOM node's children

strcmp String Comparison Functions

subset Generalized set operations and comparisons in the style of Haskell

taghub Commandline tool to compare the latest tags of your and their github repository.

url-tools Tool to normalize and compare URL structures

vectorclock A simple implementation of vector clocks in Javascript.

version-compare PHP.js implementation of version compare coded in coffeescript for node.js

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