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bal-util Common utility functions for Node.js used and maintained by Benjamin Lupton

bloom-text-compare Node.js module which creates a hash of a word list using a bloom filter, and compares hashes to give you a value for the similarity between the word lists.

compare ERROR: No file found!

dhash Compute difference hash of image

dom-compare Library to compare two DOM trees

heya-unify Unify: a unification tool with a deep equivalence and partitioning of objects.

imperfect-rest-comparison Tools to compare the speed of running REST over HTTP as usual versus over a WebSocket.

is-equal Are these two values conceptually equal?

juxtapose Compare multi-line strings side by side

puzzle c++ wrapper for libpuzzle

resemblejs Image analysis and comparison with HTML5

specs-comp comp specs module

vercmp Debian version comparison stolen from dpkg --compare-version

version-compare PHP.js implementation of version compare coded in coffeescript for node.js

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