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ampline amp up your command line — assign variables to output from common commands. a great complement to tab completion

azure-completion Completion for Windows Azure CLI tool.

clap Command line argument parser

commander-completion Shell completion for commander.js

commander-tabtab Tab/Auto Completion for Commander.js CLIs

complete tab completion CLI programs

completion Completion library for words, commands, and sentences

donedone Donedone is meant for instances where complex chains or an unknown number of events need to be completed.

event-emitter-grouped Emit events in serial or parallel with support for synchronous and asynchronous listeners

grunt-shell-completion Grunt tasks for zsh completion.

line-info Gather information about a line based on content and cursor position

path-complete tab path completion for stdin

state.js Hierarchical finite state machine library for JavaScript

triecomplete An in-memory node.js autocomplete package based on the trie data structure, based off the autocomplete module

tritium An implementation of a ternary search tree.

tsc_completion get completion of Typescript from .tsc file and position.

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