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add-component-symlinks Adds symlinks to the node_modules dir to fix component require() calls

after-transition Fire a callback after a transition or immediately if the browser does not support transitions

angular-ui-publisher Helper component for building and publishing your angular modules as bower components

anvil.component Adds component support to anvil

artifice Entity System, functional-esque game framework

backbone.composite The plugin helps you create compositions from nested views.

baffled-utils Angular & Javascript Utilities

bindle A lightweight EventEmitter-like API for JavaScript classes, best suited for games.

bindlestiff A light entity/component system for building JavaScript games

bower-component-list Aggregated list of components from the Bower registry and GitHub metadata

bower-requirejs Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

brick UI Components for browsers and NodeJS

builder-css-whitespace css-whitespace plugin for component-builder2.js

builder-string HTML template plugin for component-build

bunt A tool for creating web components using the npm packaging system and browserify - for sweet as sweet can be re-use and encapsulation.

buttonset-component Buttonset component

c8 component(1) build server

cem component-entity manager

ces Component-Entity-System framework for JavaScript games

chameleon-stylus-plugin Component Stylus plugin with Chameleon customized setup

cman Component framework and manager

compartment A type of dependency graph, component manager, and package builder.

compn Create symlinks from components/ folder to node_modules/

component Component package manager consuming git repositories

component-amd Component builder plugin that transforms AMD to CommonJS.

component-as-module Require components from node programs

component-assets Easily add assets to your component.json

component-auto-scripts Find scripts for component.json

component-autoboot plugin for component-builder that makes output file self contained

component-autoprefixer A component plugin to autoprefix css-rules.

component-badge Component Badge Generator

component-build-handlebars A component (v1+) builder plugin for Handlebars template precompilation

component-builder-hbs Component builder plugin to parse Handlebars templates

component-builder-ignore Ignore components from component build. It's helpful together with the noRequire option.

component-builder-less A component (v1+) builder plugin for LESS -> CSS conversion

component-builder-suit A Component(1) builder plugin for SUIT CSS

component-bundle-autorequire Autoboot-like behavior for bundles

component-checkout checkout or update a component from github for local install

component-coco Compile your Coco to JS automatically

component-compare compare two version of component

component-compile Compile all .ejs files under a directory

component-data-uri A plugin to automatically convert file, especially images, to data URI scheme for the component builder

component-dev Component package manager consuming git repositories

component-dev-build Development build plugin for component.js. This builder creates a subfolder with singlefiles of your project.

component-domify turn HTML into DOM elements

component-generate Create a file based on a template and add it to component.json

component-github-proxy Download and compile components from github dynamically

component-graph Dependency graphs for component(1)

component-hogan Hogan template transpiler plugin for component/builder.js

component-html A plugin to automatically convert HTML to Javascript strings for the component builder.

component-installer Component install tool

component-installer-node Install components as node.js modules (Patched component installer.js)

component-jade A plugin to transpile Jade files for the component builder.

component-jade2 A plugin to transpile Jade files for component/component builder2.

component-jscoverage jscoverage plugin for component-builder

component-json Component plugin for JSON files

component-karma-run Tests a ComponentJS component with Karma

component-less A plugin to transpile Less files for the component builder.

component-lesser A plugin to transpile Less files for the compy.

component-link Link functionality for component

component-linknpm Link downloaded components into node_modules

component-lint Component lint tool

component-livescript LiveScript plugin for Component(1)

component-markdown A plugin to compile Markdown to Javascript for the component builder.

component-minify Minify css/js output with uglify-js and clean-css

component-mirror Fetch all remote components to create a local mirror for offline dev

component-npm-post-install Post-install script for npm(1) which makes a component to be a valid npm module

component-outdated A component command plugin to list outdated dependencies.

component-package Component package

component-packrat A simple `component` packer

component-plus-node makes components work in both node and the browser

component-prebuilder A Component builder that handles various preprocessors.

component-preview Preview component in browser in a single command line

component-proxy Proxy installs a component

component-proxy-install Proxy installs from ssh component

component-publish publish your component to github

component-react A plugin to transpile React jsx files for the component builder

component-regenerator facebook regenerator plugin for component-builder

component-remove Remove files from component.json

component-render Render html files from template files for component

component-render-hogan Hogan.js template engine for component-render plugin

component-require require implementation for component(1)

component-roole Use the awesome roole css pre-processor in your components

component-runtime Component builder for runtime

component-sass Sass plugin for component-build

component-score A component command plugin to verify quality of the components

component-serve-repos Server to serve private component repositories.

component-set add dependencies to component.json

component-shrinkwrap shrinkwrap for component build system

component-size A component command to list the sizes of all your component's dependencies.

component-source Print a component's source files

component-spotify Spotify play button as a component

component-ssh-proxy-install Proxy installs from ssh component

component-string Component plugin to transform files into require-able strings

component-struct Builder for struct components

component-styl Transpiles styl for component

component-styl-plugin Highly customizable Styl compiler plugin for Component

component-stylus Transpiles stylus for component

component-stylus-plugin Highly customizable Stylus compiler plugin for Component

component-test-builder Build testScripts and devScripts with component

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