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bach Compose your async functions with elegance

bight inject and compose through streams into a pipeline

co-ware Ware inspired, easily create your own middleware layer using generators via co.

cobweb-compose Middleware composition utility

compo Compose a queue of functions

compose-source-map compose one or more source maps

compost Decompose and compose integers to and from lists of bits

connect-compose Compose connect middleware

continue Compose chainable async methods

fcompose A file composer

fn-compose compose an arbitrary number of functions from right to left.

function1 Function composition a la Scala's Function1.

functional.js A functional JavaScript library that facilitates currying and point-free programming

koa-compose compose Koa middleware

lag.compose The lag function compose() as a standalone module.

muddle combine and compose connect-style middleware

orchestrator A module for sequencing and executing tasks and dependencies in maximum concurrency

pipeline.sjs Naturally expressive functional composition

plumb functional composition sugar

sequencify A module for sequencing tasks and dependencies

series Compose a series of chainable async methods

synthesize Chaining into lazy synthesize functions

traits.js Trait composition library for JavaScript

ware Easily create your own middleware layer.

z-combinator Z Combinator for self-referencing anonymous functions

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