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acts-as a simple class-level mixin module for coffee-script, which provides a handy "composition over inheritance" way for writting complex programs

autobahnjs nodejs/expressjs/deepjs related tools and middlewares

backbone.composite The plugin helps you create compositions from nested views.

composer.js Dead simple prototypical OO with musical flavor

compoxure Page composition proxy built using node-http-proxy and trumpet as middleware based on ideas from harmon.

deepjs Powerful atomic tools for managing objects, functions and promises

fcomp function composition

file-fun Wrap functions to work with files

fn-compose compose an arbitrary number of functions from right to left.

function1 Function composition a la Scala's Function1.

gamina Composition architecture, cross platform, targeting mobile first, for node, javascript (w/ actionscript fall back) to help complete projects

gum Small method chaining library

mingle function operations, composition, and interpolation in JavaScript

mix-js The Mix JavaScript Library (mix-js)

mixen Combine Javascript classes on the fly

paladin javascript object composition library

pipedream-js A function composition pipeline

pipeline.sjs Naturally expressive functional composition

plumb functional composition sugar

regex Native RegExp compatible regular expressions for JavaScript. Patterns may be composed of subexpressions and multiple expressions may be combined into a single expression.

streamee Easy stream transformation and composition for node.js that integrates seamlessly with Q promises

synthesize Chaining into lazy synthesize functions

traits.js Trait composition library for JavaScript

z-combinator Z Combinator for self-referencing anonymous functions

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