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autostatic Automatically serve static files, with version control (etag support), compression and CDN support. This makes it possible to skip all the annoying packaging process when deploying your application.

best-encoding Choose the best compression encoding

brewer Asset compilation/packaging/compression utility

cashed An in memory HTTP file serving cache that compresses once and serves many times

cfb Compound File Binary File Format extractor

compressjs pure JavaScript de/compression (bzip2, etc) for node.js, volo, and the browser.

comprezzor easy and reusable way to compress and decompress text data without headers (e.g. for storage in redis)

css-condense CSS compressor.

docpad-plugin-buildr Adds support for Buildr to DocPad

dust-compressor advanced whitespace compression for dustjs

dxt Bindings for the squish DXT compression/decompression library

express-istatic Add compressed inline css and scripts to your html, but write them as seperated files.

grunt-imageoptim Automate ImageOptim, ImageAlpha, and JPEGmini

grunt-min minify javascript, css, image

grunt-nar Create and extract nar archives

grunt-tar.gz Grunt wrapper around native gzip/ungzip compression utility for node.js

gulp-nar Create and extract nar archives

gulp-optipng Lossless compression of PNG images

gulp-tar Create tarball from files

gulp-zip ZIP compress files

gzipped Command line utility to calculate gzip compression savings

gzippo Gzip middleware for Connect using the native zlib library in node >= 0.6

i64 URL safe Base64 Integer Strings (BIS) and conversion tools. Supports both fast conversions for regular integers and large integer strings. Assists with compression as fewer base 64 digits are needed to represent larger integers than base 10 digits. Unlike RFC-3548 Base 64 encodings, readability of BIS is improved for small integers by using an alphabet that extends base-converter

i64base URL, Filename, AWS safe Base64 Integer Strings (BAS) without dependencies.

index-compressor A utility for compressing arrays of objects containing many repeated values.

istatic renamed to express-istatic

jsoncomp Compress your JSON to send and get a lot of data to/from server

keybase-compressjs pure JavaScript de/compression (bzip2, etc) for node.js, volo, and the browser.

keysquash An experimental JS "compression" pass that stores an index of long, frequently used key names

kld-huffman-coding Compress and decompress an array of bytes using Huffman coding

lz-string LZ-based compression algorithm

lz4 LZ4 streaming compression and decompression

lz77 A javascript implementation of lz77, usable for node, requirejs/AMD, and browsers...

lzf lzf compression module for nodejs

lzjb pure JavaScript LZJB de/compression, for node.js, volo, and the browser.

lzma-purejs pure JavaScript LZMA de/compression, for node.js, volo, and the browser.

lzw-async Asynchronous implementation of Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression.

mint Template abstraction framework

node-document-compressor Compressor adapter interface for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-compressor-deflate Compressor adapter `deflate` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-compressor-lzf Compressor adapter `lzf` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-compressor-snappy Compressor adapter `snappy` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-smushit node-smushit =====

node-zip node-zip - Zip/Unzip files ported from JSZip

pulverizr Smash your images down to size.

pulverizr-bal Smash your images down to size.

rjson RJSON (Recursive JSON) converts any JSON data collection into more compact recursive form.

shift Template framework

sjson Squishable JSON strings. To assist with JSON compression by stripping variable name double quotes and yet the squished strings can still be parsed by javascript.

smallhash Compress data into the smallest string

smaz Compression for very small strings

snappy.js A implementation of the snappy-algorithm

squish Squish your outputs using whatever compression you like

stringsmash Compresses a string so that it can be embedded as a variable in JavaScript.

tar.gz Native gzip compression and decompression utility for Node.js.

uglify-save-license License detector for UglifyJS

watch-node Simple fsevents wrapper for node

webp-middleware Generates and delivers JPG-, PNG- and TIFF-images on the fly as WebP-images if the client supports that format

wfutil lzf crc32 whirlpool utils for nodejs

zip An implementation of unzip for JavaScript

zpipe JavaScript port of ZLib DEFLATE for the browser

zpipe-native JavaScript port of ZLib DEFLATE for the browser

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