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12factor-config Read the config for your app from only the environment.

a.config Node.js Config System

abstract-env Abstracts environment settings allowing them to be supplied from the command-line, environment variables, or a file.

apacheconf Apacheconf is an apache config file parser

app-config Simple utility for Node.js to load configuration files depending on your environment

appcfg Application Configuration Library for Node.js

appdirectory A cross-platform utility to find the best directory to put data and config files.

ason Advanced JSON - pluggable JSON logic inspired by GYP

assert-keys assert an object has some keys

baller Organizes your configuration files

bconfig Structures a requirejs config into shim and remote objects to easier interface with browserify.

beat-conf Simple configuration utility for Beat dependency injection

binford-config Read only config module that pulls together optimist with json and yaml file parsing

bolgia Bolgia, an helper module for the config hell. It recursively clones, mixes, updates and improves configuration objects/hashes with nested properties. '..non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e passa..'

booty Simple, distributed app config management backed by S3

bower-requirejs Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

broccoli-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

c-c-config Tagged configuration

carcass-config (Node.js) A config file loader and manager, in Carcass style.

cascadia oppinionated cascading static config loader

cascading-service-config dry configuration for a multi-service system

cf Environment sensitive configuration file loader for node.js

cjson cjson - Commented Javascript Object Notation. It is a json loader, which parses only valide json files, but with comments enabled. Usefull for loading configs.

cjson-papandreou cjson - Commented Javascript Object Notation. It is a json loader, which parses only valide json files, but with comments enabled. Usefull for loading configs.

cli-node Simple cli for Node.js

cluster-node Very basic clustering simplicity for express apps

cnfg Hierarchical environment configuration for node.js applications

cnx-node Db client mgmt for Node.js

coffee-conf Write your config files in coffee-script.

commodore A complete command line library - extends commander with required options and load config from a file

con.figure Configurations made easy

conf Config library for Nodejs

conf-loader Config file loader and watcher for Node.js

confed Dead Simple Configuration for NodeJS applications based on nconf

confg confg helps config enviroment variables with javascript

confi a simple configuration library

confide simple app configuration

config_okay Make sure config files are mode 0600 before you use it

config-env Various config determined by process.env

config-file Find and load a YAML or JSON config file from a local project, installed npm module, or the user's home directory.

config-heroku An adapter for using node-config ( on heroku

config-ini async config.ini loader (with optional override

config-js A simple config module. Support for regions and auto-load when file changes.

config-loader Recursively load JSON config files

config-node Flexible lightweight configuration loader for Node

config-obj Make object(class) configurable

config-reader A dynamic JSON config file reader for nodejs

config-shared Módulo para compartilhar configurações entre varios arquivos JS

config-tool Configuration and settings management through JavaScript files or JSON files with comments

config-tools simple configuration tools for node environments

config.json nconf wrapper that simplifies work with environment specific configuration files.

config.r lightweight configuration for node.js

config.yml Boilerplate configs for Assemble projects.

config3 Cascade config files with sensible default, local, deployed files

configa app configuration management for node.js

configdir-loader Loads environment-specific configuration files into a config object.

configer Configer is a reader for local file configuration.

configie This is a config loader that can detect environment and load the right files

configjs Configuration loader

configjson Wrapper to configuration in CJSON

configloader Load YAML configs based on current environment.

configly Provides an easy way to set up environmental configuration

configme Simplest possible configuration tool. without conflict - with defaulting!

configr-node Configuration module for static and dynamic project configuration

configs-overload Load configs with ease

configstore Easily load and save config without having to think about where and how

configurate Set up workflow to load existing or default config, allow user to edit it and then serializes it to disk.

configuration Simple light-weight configuration and setting module extending EventEmitter

configure A simple multiple-configuration management module.

configurine-client [![Build Status](]( [![NPM version](]( [![Dependency Status](](

configurine-picker Logic for picking config values based on a given app name, app version, and environment name fron configurine

configurizer Simply load a config file from your projects root directory

configwd Synchronously reads config.json or config/*.json from process.cwd() or APP_ROOT environment variable, replacing occurrences of {{APP_ROOT}} in the JSON accordingly.

confit Environment-aware configuration.

confortable Finds the right recursively placed config file

confrodo Configuration loader

confurg Coffeescript and Javascript configuration loader

confus environment based configuration helper

confuse merge arguments and config files recursively up a directory tree

confy Manage settings library, like as pit.

conifer A multi-format, file-based configuration library for Node.

conman Configuration manager plugin for hapi.

crafity-config Configuration file module

crafity-mailer Crafity Email Module

crafity-process Generic process manager

crafity-webserver Generic Webserver Configuration

crampon Hierarchical configuration, made easy.

dcon Distributed configuration

dconf Configuration loader and monitor.

decisions Easy configuration for Node.js applications.

deep-conf node.js configuration libruary

deepval get and set object values using dot-delimited key strings

defaults merge single level defaults over a config object

derconf Simple environment aware config loader

dotenv Loads environment variables from .env

dotenv-node Loads environment variables from .env

dotjson get/set api for .json files, like config files

dynamic-config loads configuration-files depending on env or args

easy-config Configuration loader for node using object extending and input from files and command line

easy-configuration Simply extensible loader for json config files

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