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csrf-crypto Connect middleware for session-less CSRF protection using cryptography.

cssspitter Templating engine for CSS based on width and height of the window, used as a Connect/Express Middleware.

dactyloscope Dead-simple asset fingerprinting for Express.js.

danzi A uploader middleware for express application

dbox-connect DropBox middleware

dcompose-middleware Connect middleware for serving dcompose bundles

deferred-listener Extend Node.js requestListeners with deferred promise support

diretto Filesystem-based routing for Express.js

dirlist A simple & old school directory listing middleware for node. Inspired by Apache's mod_autoindex.

dns-middleware DNS-lookup middleware for connect/express

dnt-connect Node.JS library for DNT's single sign on service DNT Connect

docrouter Documented Connect/Express Router. Send OPTIONS to see what kind of operations a Connect/Express server supports.

dom-middleware Connect/Express middleware that allows you to rewrite text/html using client side techniques

domain-context Globally accessible domain-bound contexts

domain-middleware uncaughtException middleware for connect, base on `domain` module.

drouter A node.js directory-driven router for connect/express

easy-routes cakePHP inspired router for connect/express

easyapi Build quick and simple RESTfull APIs using Node.js and connect. Based on resty by Alex Angelini <>

ejs-list-render Render a list of nested ejs templates

ejs-template Nodejs EJS file-based templating

enforcer Force your Connect app to require SSL. Read Connect sessions in

errormailer Sending email for each error in your node app was never easier! It supports connect and express.

errors A comprehensive, robust, yet lightweight set of error utilities for node.js enabling you to do errors more effectively.

escort Routing and URL generation middleware

evercookie This is a conenct/express middleware for evercookie. For more information, visit or

eversocket A Node.js net.Socket that automatically reconnects on close or timeout.

everyauth Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express apps

everyauth-express3 Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express 3.x apps

everyauth-goellan Everyauth forked with working github authentication

everyauth-latest Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express apps

expires-middleware Middleware to set cache-control expiration headers

express-airmail Express Airmail is an Express/Connect middleware for nodemailer.

express-api-helper Simple API helper module for Express apps.

express-asset-versions Simple versioning for assets in express.js

express-authorization An authorization system for connect and express applications inspired by Apache's Shiro project.

express-chromeframe Dead simple middleware to enable chromeframe on connect/express applications.

express-cors-options Create a catch all for responding to CORS OPTIONS method requests

express-devbar Development bar middleware that shows Git/Heroku info.

express-domain-errors Use domains for graceful error handling in expressjs

express-endpoint Parse, validate, document and molest endpoint parameters.

express-error-handler A graceful error handler for Express applications.

express-force-domain Force express 3.x or Connect to use a specific domain. Good for adding or removing www. and handling parked domains that redirect to your main domain.

express-group Group express routes and middleware

express-guess-lang Provides the language accepted by the users browser in the request object

express-ie-cors express middleware to add cors support to IE 8-9

express-json-csv Express JSON to CSV response handler

express-json5 json/json5 body parsing middleware

express-linkedin-connect Adds linkedin connect routes to any express site

express-method-override Override the method of a request based on a the X-HTTP-Method-Override header or custom query/post parameter.

express-myconnection Connect/Express middleware that auto provides mysql connections.

express-negotiator Express/connect middleware that does HTTP content negotiation for static files

express-powered-by Set the X-Powered-By header returned by Express

express-redir Like res.redirect but overrides the redirect if "_redirect" is available in req.body, req.query or req.session.

express-redirect Flexible redirection plugin

express-session-json JSON file session storage for ExpressJS

express-statsd Statsd route monitoring middleware for connect/express

express-struct MVC project structure on top of express.

express-timeout Sets the timeout for sockets in connect or express.

express-uploader File uploads with NodeJS

express-useragent ExpressJS/Connect/TrinteJS user-agent middleware exposing

express-vhost Scalable vhost middleware for express. with access to Connect/Express session

expressive-routes Transform hierarchically structured routes into express routes.

expresssucks Simple express-like methods for connect

expresswall very basic security layer for express/connect

expressy Little web framework over expressApp/connect using jade.

facebook-connect Misc routines for Facebook Apps developing with node.js

facebook-sdk A full port of Facebook's PHP SDK library

facebook-sdk-patched A full port of Facebook's PHP SDK library, patched

fashionista Apply themes to connect/express apps using the Stylus port of Zurb Foundation themes

fastworks A Fast Middleware Framework

fb-parser Connect middleware that allow the Facebook Open Graph parser to read your webapp page

fh-connect FeedHenry published version of connect 1.8.6 with the 'formidable' bugfix

file-parser Bodyparser for Express/Sails. Exposes simple API for streaming multiple files to disk, S3, etc. without buffering to a .tmp directory.

file-stream-rotator Automated stream rotation

fillip Node.js and Connect middleware to handle common API functions

findandbind Find and bind to free port in restify/express/connect.

flask-router Flask-inspired routing system for node and connect. Nice if you just need a routing system without depending on connect, or need routing middleware without all features provided by express.

flask-router-plus Flask-inspired routing system for node and connect. Nice if you just need a routing system without depending on connect, or need routing middleware without all features provided by express.

flat-param Parse url parameters, connect middleware.

flat-route Simplest regex router for connect (56 lines of code) with the support of defining route specific logic.

flinger Flinger flings logs from your browser clients back to your node servers so you can see what your users are up to.

formal Simple, flexible node.js form module with casting and validation; inspired by mongoose

formal-mongoose formal + mongoose = DRY! Define your form from your mongoose schema.

formaline formaline is a module for handling form requests ( HTTP POSTs / PUTs ) and for fast parsing of file uploads.

froyo A simple, micro-framework for Node.js.

gateway Middleware to execute CGI scripts

gateway-rewrite Middleware to execute CGI scripts with URL rewriting

gauth Middleware component to authenticate users through their Google account

generator-atlassian-connect An Atlassian Connect generator for Yeoman

generator-barry A generator for Yeoman. Generator that gives you ability to rapidly scaffold a front-end development app. With Jade and Stylus.

generator-simplewebapp A generator for a simple web app that is opinionated about scss, jade, and coffeescript

geoip-middleware GeoIP middleware for express/connect

get-port Get an available port

get-shorty Add a URL shortening service to any Express.js app using Shorty middleware

getty Request helper for talking to Gettyimages Connect API.

gifsockets-middleware Set of HTTP middlewares for gifsockets

groundcrew view handler/template abstraction layer for connect

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