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babysitter Monitor a connection and automatically reconnect on failure.

cluster-pool Cluster of pools for generic resources

cocker Cocker, a socket module with reconnection logic.

connect-elasticsearch Elasticsearch session store for Connect

connect-memcached Memcached session store for Connect

connect-memjs Memcached session store for Connect backed by memjs

connect-tedious Connect session store for SQL Server, using Tedious.

connection-parse Simple TCP connection string parser

conntest cli to test node net connections remote or at home

cxn Network connection module with online/offline events

devicestack This module helps you to represent a device and its protocol.

emysql Enhanced MySQL Pool for Node.js

ep_rtc Video and audio chat without plugins powered by WebRTC -- Works in Firefox, Chrome and Chrome Frame

get-port Get an available port

Graph A mathematical Graph theory library.

grunt-throttle A Grunt plugin for testing under a throttled connection.

httpinvoke A 4.8kb no-dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node.js with a promise-based or Node.js-style callback-based API to progress events, text and binary file upload and download, partial response body, request and response headers, status code

irc-connect Minimal IRC connection that simply emits event objects. Plugin modules can do the rest.

isoft-connection-babysitter A small tool made at ISoft Data Systems for keeping track of multiple mysql connections. Capable of disconnecting and reconnecting as necessary.

jackpot Jackpot, TCP connection pooling for Node.js

jasonkuhrt-heartbeat A good heartbeat timer

mongoconnect A wrapper for MongoDB's MongoClient to open the connection only once and reopen it only if closed by the server

muntz Request connection mocking library

mysql-simple-pool Simple connection pooling for Node and MySQL.

node-cassandra-cql Node.js driver for Apache Cassandra

node-connection-string-builder SQL Connection String Builder for node.js. Modeled after .NET SqlConnectionStringBuilder class. Helps transition from .NET to node.js

node-queue-pool manage concurrent actions/jobs, manage limits resource

ping-pong Low level and abstract KeepAlive-like structure.

pongo Connection pooling for node-mongodb-native

primus-rooms Simple rooms wrapper for Primus Primus.IO makes working with Primus a little slicker.

recon Keep a network connection alive by reconnecting repeatedly

redis-connection-pool Redis client connection pool

remoteip Get the client IP address for the remote browser.

reqwest A wrapper for asynchronous http requests

ribbon A lightweight service wrapper

server-state Track server connections and status.

socket-agent Socket pool interface similar to http.Agent

socketlink Connect remote apps with a dumb easy abstraction.

stream-connector A remote stream coordinator

tedious-connection-pool Connection Pool for tedious.

uri-monitor Monitor a URI's connectivity

webperformance Simple Tool to test page performance with differents bandwith

while-connected Invoke a function given that the socket is connected

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