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backbone-nowjs Backbone connector for nowjs

extdirect Ext.Direct connector for Sencha Touch/ExtJs

light-orm Super simple ORM node.js wrapper for relational databases. It does not depends on any specific driver, so you can connect to mysql, ms server and so on... Try it!

loopback-connector-mongodb LoopBack MongoDB Connector

loopback-connector-oracle Loopback Oracle Connector

loopback-connector-postgresql Loopback PostgreSQL Connector

loopback-connector-rest Loopback REST Connector

loopback-datasource-juggler LoopBack DataSoure Juggler

mongodb-api Module to invoke Mongo DB services

nedb-to-mongodb Put all your data in a NeDB database in a MongoDB collection

node-rest-api Kidozen's connector to invoke REST services

qbwc QBWC - QuickBooks Web Connector Support in Node

restjs-api Kidozen's connector to invoke REST services

salesforce-api Module to invoke services

sharefile-api Module to invoke ShareFile REST API services

soap-api Kidozen's connector to invoke SOAP services.

twiliojs-api Module to invoke services

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