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case Extensible string utility for converting, identifying and flipping string case

change-case Convert a string between camelCase, PascalCase, Title Case, snake_case and more.

class4js The class4js module is for class-driven development in JavaScript. It allows to emulate classes in JavaScript. Module is based on ECMAScript 5 standart and implements open/close principle: 'A module should be open for extension but closed for modifications'

config-js A simple config module. Support for regions and auto-load when file changes.

const The constant function from functional programming: it takes a value and returns a function that will return that value:

constant-case Constant case a string

constantcontact Wrapper for Constant Contact API v2

constantify Transform your source to inline const values

crystal_constants A little JavaScript / CoffeeScript utility class for frozen 'constant' objects.

dup Initialize an array of arrays to a constant

grunt-angular-settings Read settings.json and create a angular constant for each setting and save them in settings.js file.

grunt-ng-constant Plugin for dynamic generation of angular constant modules.

gulp-ng-constant Gulp plugin for dynamic generation of angular constant modules.

ski eponymous functions from the SKI calculus

to-constant-case Convert a string to constant case.

typed-enum Enum factory in typed JavaScript

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