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ci-status-images Test coverage percentage and other useful status images for continuous integration systems.

cicada a teeny git-based continuous integration server

cin Lightweight, flexible continuous integration server for Git projects

continuous Event based utility for setTimeout and setInterval

continuous-box2d Generate a bunch of box2d bodies to match a grid backed by ndarray-continuous

continuous-observer Automatically add and remove chunks from continuous ndarrays as required.

emerald real-time C.I written in node.js by in unstable alpha

gploy A continuous deployment server for automatic development

ndarray-continuous Create continuous "chunked" grids/volumes with ndarrays

nodeunit-watcher nodeunit wrapper for continuous testing.

ploy git push deploy http router, hosting branches on subdomains

stagecoach Shuffle servers around to make staging instances super simple for continuous integration and load balancing.

strider-hipchat A Strider CD Plugin to notify Hipchat of project build status

strider-runner-core Just run those jobs. Decoupled from load balancing, joq queues, etc.

test-platforms A collection of all available test platforms for SauceLabs

testling-server run your browser tests on every commit

topdown-physics Basic, grid-based, 2D top-down player physics for continuous ndarrays

travis-ci node library to access the Travis-CI API

yagnus JavaScript stats library containing parallel distributed streaming algorithms to compute important frequently used statistics on big data. The library calculates commonly used univariate, multivariate and discrete statistics. It can be used alone in a webpage, or server-side in nodejs (or both since mss's can be merged), or within a big-data no-sql engines such as hadoop, mongodb.

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