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pipevalve Use pipevalve to monitor and control streams just like a valve.

plex-control Controlling Plex clients through the Plex Media Server HTTP API

plm Event-rich bidirectional communication with INSTEON PowerLinc modems

promix Mix promises with callbacks for improved control flow

pull-checkout-merge-command.hook Run scripts after `pull`, `merge` and `checkout` succeed. Great for compiled source management between branches and automating migrations

q-proxy A promise wrapper that proxies future method calls.

q-step A simple control flow function for JavaScript promises, similar to creationix/step

qflow A very simple data queue processing library.

qjobs qjobs is a simple and stupid queue job manager for nodejs

qplus Common & useful patterns with promises (Q)

qtils Utilities for Q control flow.

readcontrol Read Debian control files

relay relay offers three higher order functions to control flow of “node.js-style” functions – chain, combine and parallel.

rocker-controller Mouse controller rocker style controller for a game input

roku control your roku from node

runnel Simple and small flow control library to execute async functions in sequence

sahara An inversion-of-control container for managing dependencies. Supports constructor, property and method injection

sentinal-stream A transform stream which segregates a sentinel value into its own 'data' event.

seq Chainable asynchronous flow control with sequential and parallel primitives and pipeline-style error handling

sequent JavaScript async flow control

serialflow This is lightweight library for serial execution of functions. The main goal of this create engine of middlewares like connect.

serialize A simple node utility to serialize execution of asynchronous functions

simple-flow A simple control-flow library for Node that offers parallel, serial and limited methods, brings back errors

sonos Node.js Sonos Interface

spamcheck Uses API to compare usernames, emails, and ip addresses to their spam database.

stact Manage a stack of functions and execute them with flow control.

stact-hooks Manage a registry of function stacks and run them.

start-then-go simple, declarative flow control

steer Use steer to control your chrome (the browser)

step-error Plugin for Creationix's flow control library (step) for global error handling

stepc A CoffeeScript-safe version of creationix' step

stepdown A simple control-flow library for Node that makes parallel execution, serial execution, and error handling painless.

stepup A simple control-flow library for Node that makes parallel execution, serial execution, and error handling painless.

stream-pipeline Efficient way of connecting disparate streams

stream-series Waterfalls for streams

stride A step-like flow control library for Node.js

superstream The Voltron of node style streams

suspend Async control-flow for Node.js using ES6 generators.

svd-xbee A more high level fork of Richard Morrison's node-xbee

switchboard Event listener for the browser and node.js for composite events (i.e., will not trigger until several specified events occur).

taskgroup Group together synchronous and asynchronous tasks and execute them with support for concurrency, naming, and nesting.

tasync Time-aware async programming library (stack traces across callbacks)

thunky delay the evaluation of a paramless async function and cache the result

tire Simple function chain module

toss abort groups of callbacks

turbine.js Turbine.js is an event-driven JavaScript Workflow Engine.

twostep Simple control-flow library for node.js that makes parallel execution, serial execution and error handling painless.

typeioc Dependency injection container for node typescript

underscore.deferred jQuery style Deferreds

valvestream control data flow of a stream at a single point

verdb database version control

viera.js Node.js library for controlling Panasonic Viera TV.

wmctrl-pad WindowPad functionality for Linux

xacml eXtensible Access Control Markup Language 3.0

xbee Node talks to xbee radios through serialport

zazen Async flow controller

zoidberg Flow control? Why not zoidberg?

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