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action-controller basic rails-like controller

angular-primus AngularJS service for Primus in Node.js

attr-scope invoke constructors at attributes to provide controller scopes for attractor

backbone Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events.

backbone-documentmodel A plugin to create entire Document structures with nested Backbone.js Models & Collections with deep model references and event bubbling.

backbone-extend Customizable Backbone inheritance.

backbone-lodash Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events. Adding in some Lo-Dash love.

backbone-mediator Dead simple Mediator for Backbone.

backbone-once One-off events for Backbone.

backdash backbone js with lodash, ready for browserify

bcs.client a read-through cached API client for the BCS-460/462 series of brewery automation controllers with high level abstraction

bearbone My flavour of Models & Controllers

bogart-resource Model and Controller web framework built on Bogart, utilizing Promsises for control flow.

clever-controller Lightning-fast flexible controller prototype

co-generators Generators for compoundjs

crude Seamless CRUD control operations for node.

ctrl4x Controllers for express.js

ctrlr Simple controller dispatcher

dancemat PS3 compatible dancemat controller into Node.js

denby Pearson Denby was an American trapper who in 1830 discovered various deserters from the Duke of Wellington's army.

direct DOM-based routing/execution script

div Template engine for node.js and browsers

domino-js A cascading controller for fast interactive Web interfaces prototyping.

dotmvc A tiny, sensible, client-side MVC framework in modern Javascript.

drone-joystick Control AR.Drones using any SDL-compatible Joystick (PS3 Sixaxis, etc.)

drone-ps3-controller Control your ar.drone with ps3 controller.

ds4 Stream events from DualShock 4 controllers

dualshock-controller node library for dual shock controllers

ekitjs-core ekitjs core module which integrated with expressjs

elastic-beam Power Controller for Energenie Powerstrip

ele A DOM-driven MVC application framework.

elegant-controller this is the elegant controller class where you can create a new controller by instantiating it, the controller is the connector between the user request and your application logic.

exctrl Flexible controllers for express.js apps

exoskeleton Faster and leaner Backbone for your HTML5 apps.

express-controllers MVC routing for express

express-controllers-new MVC routing for express

express-crudl Maps routes to CRUDL controllers for restfull routing

express-ctrl A light wrapper, providing a controller-like interface to Express routing

express-mongodb-form-middleware Extremely opinionated resource middleware for express and mongoDB.

express-obc Object-based controllers for Express framework

express-route-control Express Route Controller

express-route-controller A helper function to assign controller actions to routes in express

expressy Little web framework over expressApp/connect using jade.

extended-spine Some extensions for spine framework

extended-spine-di Some extensions for spine framework with dependency injection

fidel a ui view controller

further A lightweight library on Node.js

gammautils Lots of utilities for Node.js

gp-controls A polling interface for the HTML5 Gamepad API

hid-engine USB/HID Sequence Based Event Trigger

hubba-adapter-controller Hubba web service adapter that enables writing custom code.

izi-controllers Express controllers with annotations

jackbone Give a Backbone to your JQuery Mobile app.

jide jide.js is a free UI toolkit for modern web applications based on data binding and separation of concerns. A small framework for building KnockoutJS apps

koa-router-controller Controllers with a Rails-like RESTful interface for koa

kontroller Just controller

kontrolleur routing and controller logic for express 3.x

launchjs Launch Application Framework

layer-control JavaScript layers controller. Manage layers.

leapjs-plugins A collection of useful plugins for LeapJS

linc execution controller

mediatr JavaScript Mediator Pattern

midi-controller Create buttons and note matrices from duplex midi streams for midi controllers such as Launchpad.

midi-grabber Stream midi data in and temporarily route ranges to specific callbacks.

midi-stream Duplex stream wrapper around 'midi' module

mv-node Model view pattern implemented for node.

mvc-controller the c in _mvc

mymvc A tiny framework that does dependency injection for a MVC pattern.

n3d-controller A basic on-screen controller for touchscreen devices

node-controller A lightweight, single-file Controller approach for node/express.

node-mvc Modular MVC Framework for Node based on Django, built on Express.

node-pid-controller Node.js PID controller A generic REST controller layer useful for CRUD operations adapted to projects developed with node.js & express.js.

nor-mvc Sendanor Model-View-Controller Module

nylon Nylon =====

partial.js web application framework (MVC) for node.js

pipedream Framework for reusing backbone code on the client and server

pointers Syncs a model/collection with an element. Supports two-way syncs. Respects garbage collection and bottom-up rendering. Reactive.

ps3.js A PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller hook for Node.js powered by Node-HID and echtzeit.

queen A platform for running scripts on many browsers

queen-monitor-plugin A monitoring endpoint for queen

queen-populator-plugin Adds populator support to queen

queen-remote Rule browsers remotely, remotely

rainbow Express router middleware for RESTful API base on certain folder path

rainbowy Express router middleware for RESTful API base on certain folder path

rbkey-midi A Rock Band keyboard to MIDI bridge

react-app-controller React application controller

resource node.js resource library

revision Realtime collaboration tool.

ribbons.controller Prototype for Ribbons controllers.

rode Packet-Oriented Framework for ES6 and Express.

route-registrar Visits and requires every file ending with "Controller.js" and call its "init" function passing express "app" variable along

sails-generate-controller Generate a controller for Sails.

sails-generate-new Generate a new Sails app.

sails-generate-new-coffee Generate a new Sails app in CoffeeScript.

simple-api A Node.js API Scaffolding Library

simple-controllers Add to Express a simple controllers management.

simple-node Simple Components helps build their bundled applications simply. Unpretentious way we want to help you save time and less development efforts.

smackbone an object oriented model framework

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