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bhd BHD Converter

cannonian Metric time converter

case Extensible string utility for converting, identifying and flipping string case

css2stylus Converts CSS to Stylus.

eol Newline character converter

flat-musicjson MusicXML to MusicJSON bi-directional converter

flv2mp3 Node.js exercise module to convert FLV to MP3 files

funkydown Javascript Markdown converter optimized for laziness.

geo-to-cartesian A transform stream to convert latitude and longditude (φ,λ) into Cartesian coordinates [x,y,z].

gfm Converts GitHub flavored markdown files to html and provides a web editor to live preview

ghpages-convert A command line tool to convert github page templates to blogs

grooscript Library to work with code converted from groovy.

grunt-svg2ttf Create a TTF font from an SVG font

grunt-svgicons2svgfont Create a SVG font from multiple SVG glyph files

grunt-ttf2eot Create an EOT font from a TTF font

grunt-ttf2woff Create a WOFF font from a TTF font

grunt-urequire A Grunt wrapper around uRequire <>

gulp-hammerdown Gulp plugin for using hammerdown(A markdown to html generator)

gulp-svg2png A gulp plugin for converting SVGs to PNGs.

gulp-svg2ttf Create a TTF font from an SVG font

gulp-ttf2eot Create an EOT font from a TTF font

gulp-ttf2woff Create a WOFF font from a TTF font

hammerdown Streaming HTML To Markdown Writer

html-to Streaming HTML to * converter

html-to-pdf A Node HTML to PDF converter using a the Java flyingsaucer library.

html-to-text Simple html to plain text converter

humps Underscore-to-camelCase converter (and vice versa) for strings and object keys in JavaScript.

ical2json A simple node package to convert ical to JSON

ifc-convert Simple wrapper for ifcConvert

jaCodeMap japanese unicode full/half width code mapping library

jandoc Exposes the Pandoc API to Node.js and adds the ability to convert multiple files at once.

js2xmlparser Parses JavaScript objects into XML

js2xmlparser2 Parses JavaScript objects into XML. This is a fork of the original js2xmlparser, with some additional features

json-mapper simple json mapper to

json2html An HTML formatter for JSON data

json2htmlform Converts json documents to html5 forms

json2lcov The report data of a **json-cov** format are changed into a **lcov** format

json2php JSON to PHP converter

json2plain Convert JSON structure to plain text, perfect as a content negotiation fallback in REST APIs

less2stylus convert LESS to Stylus

makingmobile-plugin-doc MakingMobile framework office document convert plugin

maprify object to object conversion via interfascist

markdown-wiki A Bidirectional WikiText to Markdown converter.

md2jekyllhtml Converts GitHub-Flavored Markdown into Jekyll-style HTML

metiri Simple unit conversion utility.

musicjson MusicXML to MusicJSON bi-directional converter

musicjson3 MusicXML to MusicJSON bi-directional converter

mystack-restapi simple REST client to proxy HTTP/HTTPS requests

nice-xml XML to JS native objects bidirectional converver

node-link-fixer Converts relative urls to absolute for images and links.

node-wkhtml Wrapper for the khtmltopdf and khtmltoimg project.

opml-to-json convert opml to json.

opml-to-markdown Convert OmniOutliner's opml to markdown.

ospoint Converts Ordnance Survey grid references into Longitgude and Latitude

pdftohtmljs PDF to HTML (pdf2htmlex) shell wrapper

phantomjs-pdf Simple and lightweight HTML to PDF conversion using Node and PhantomJS A converter from the MTGO DEK format to a few alternatives.

pootle Converts from Android and iOS localization files to Pootle and vice versa.

ppm-bin Converts ppm bin image to an png image

sparsematricesconverter Converts collection of sparse matrices from University of Florida to NPM format

textilejs Textile Parser, converts textile documents to HTML.

tipograph Library which transforms your text input into typographically correct sequence of characters.

to load/convert between xml,json,yaml formats

tojs Convert between plain text, javascript strings, and document.write() statements.

topdf A node.js addon for Oracle's pdf export library.

toxml Simple object to XML converter

tsv Simple dependency-free TSV and CSV converter/parser

typegen Markdown ebook template, converter and generator

typepress-cli Markdown ebook template, converter and generator

urequire Convert AMD & commonjs modules to UMD, AMD, commonjs or `combined.js` (rjs & almond) & run/test on nodejs, Web/AMD or Web/Script. Manipulate & inject module code & dependencies while building & more

wiky A Bidirectional WikiText Markup Converter.

words-to-num Converts English Numeric Words to Integer

wsdl2.js Consumes a WSDL file and produces a high quality, manageable Javascript library

x2x Simple and performance unit converter.

xamel Fast and cozy way to extract data from XML.

ytmp3 Script to download/convert youtube videos to MP3 files

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