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auth.rbs Simple local authentication scheme with remember me functionality.

basil-cookie Cookie library for node with connect middleware

bloknot Tout ce qu'il faut pour Nodejs !

blunt-session Session management -- uses level db as store for connect type sessions

cabrel-crumb Fork of -- CSRF crumb generation plugin

chrome-cookies dump google chrome cookies for a url to stdout

connect-response Response middleware for Connect

cookie cookie parsing and serialization

cookie-component Client-Side Cookie Manipulation API

cookie-dyn cookies library for node.js with dynamic cookies support

cookie-tools Parse, manipulate and render cookies

cookieparser cookieparser

cookies-js Client-Side Cookie Manipulation API

crumb CSRF crumb generation and validation plugin

diet-cookies HTTP Cookie Manager for diet.js.

express-sessions ExpressJS MongoDB/Redis Session Storage

jaaulde-cookies browser cookie handling library

jakobmattsson-client-cookies Client-Side Cookie Manipulation API

jar Basic cookie handling

koa-session-store Session middleware for Koa with a pluggable storage layer

p3p middleware for including a P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences Project) header in an express/connect application

persistent-auth Provide persistent authentication in your Express.JS app through cookies.

request-cookies Cookie management for the node request libary

request-with-cookies An enhancement to mikeal/request library to create reusuable clients that supports cookies per client

rest-sessions A REST interface for redis-sessions

restify-session Session manager for REST server without cookies

secure-cookies Secure Cookies implementation for Node

sesame Session middleware for lazy people.

sesh super simple session middleware for node.js, even has optional 'magic' sessions which monkey patch the httpServer with one line!

session-middleware Stateless session middleware for Node.js and Express/Connect servers

tough-cookie RFC6265 Cookies and Cookie Jar for node.js

wayward Minimal http framework with the basics.

yar Cookie jar plugin

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