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autofile-cp Copy files and folders.

bredele-clone Clone objects and/or arrays

broccoli-merge-trees Broccoli plugin to merge multiple trees into one

bucket-copy Copy Amazon S3 bucket objects to another bucket.

cahier Static file conversion, writing and reading

cliparoo Hacky clipboard support

clipboard-component Clipboard API wrapper

clipboard-dom Copy-to-Clipboard on a DOM element

clone-merge Library for cloning an optionally merging json objects

clone-stats Safely clone node's fs.Stats instances without losing their class methods

component-clipboard Clipboard API wrapper

concoct-copy A static files copier for ConcoctJS.

copiez Easily copy files in Node.js

copy Create deep clones of JavaScript objects

copy_diff Take file diffs as input and copy or print modified files.

copy-paste A command line utility that allows read/write (i.e copy/paste) access to the system clipboard.

copy-to copy an object's properties to another object

copyjs copyjs is for deep copies of javascript objects

copyrename Duplicate the same file from number 1 to 'count', file extention remains the same

cow copy on write deep, cyclic js objects

cp cp for node

cp-r cp -r for node with no options!

cpr cp -R

dank-copyfile A pure JavaScript copyFile function

deep-copy Deep copy any object or array.

dimsum Dimsum generates lorem ipsum text. You can use it in your Node.js and web projects.

directory-doctor Self-contained directory management library.

emoji-clipboard Pulls an emojicon from and copies it to your clipboard.

extendfs ExtendFS is a module to extend Node's default File System (fs) module to recursively copy/delete directories with callbacks to notify the caller upon each successful copy/delete of a file or directory and upon completion of the whole process.

file-sync Synchronize two files based on hash differences

fs-extra fs-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as mkdir -p, cp -r, and rm -rf.

fs-sync synchronous fs with more fun

fsext 'fsext' is a small extention for the nodejs FS module

generic-slice method for TypedArrays, Buffers and Arguments

getsite Gets a website recursively via wget.

ghcopy Provides copy to gist functionality for your terminal

grunt-bowercopy Scrupulously manage file locations for bower dependencies.

grunt-contrib-symlink Create symbolic links.

grunt-copy-mate Utilities for copying files and folders.

grunt-copy-to grunt task for syncing files between directories and keeping modified times

grunt-deploy-with-md5 copy files for CDN and update the time stamps

grunt-duplicate Duplicate files with templating support

grunt-hash-files Copies files to a directory that includes a hash of the contents of those files.

grunt-httpcopy Copy files from one directory to another, but instead of a standard file copy, download the files from a http server.

grunt-jscpd Grunt task for use JSCPD lib

grunt-rsync-2 Copy files to a (remote) machine with rsync. supports maps with target:source entries

grunt-semvercopy Identifies and copies the contents of a folder named with Semantic Versioning

grunt-sync Task to synchronize two directories. Similar to grunt-copy but updates only files that have been changed.

grunt-transfo Transfo offer both 'copy' and 'concat' task at once with the addition of streamed transformation of content and optional caching based on files mtime to limit unrequired file processing. Transfo should be used as an alternative to any grunt-contrib-copy and/or grunt-contrib-concat usage without any change in your grunt configuration (see compatibility test)

gulp-clipboard A gulp plugin to copy the content of your file to the clipboard

hardhat Scaffolding utility for blue-collar programmers.

hashonym cp files using the content hash as the filename

js.utils General JavaScript Utilities

jscpd Copy/paste detector for programming code, support JavaScript, CoffeeScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Less languages

json-transcriber Generates a copy of all or part of a JSON object, renaming keys and/or otherwise transforming the object in the process.

jsonutil Convenience functions for working with JSON

level-rawcopy An optimized live-copy from one levelup instance to another.

longlang Generates fake language (longer or shorter) from a localisation file, preserving inline HTML.

meta-fs Higher level utilities for filesystem

mimosa-copy A generic copy 'compiler' for Mimosa 2.0+

mimosa-import-source Mimosa module for copying files into the project before building starts

mimosa-just-copy A Mimosa module to simply copy assets in folder(s) without doing anything else to them.

mimosa-stream-copy Mimosa module to stream files that do not need any other processing, like images, to the output directory

mongoindex Generare ensureIndex statements based on indexes read from a MongoDB database. Use it for copying indexes from one db to another. From production to development/staging for example

ncp Asynchronous recursive file copy utility.

node-fs-extra fs-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as mkdir -p, cp -r, and rm -rf.

node.class A port of John Resig Class Implementation

node.extend A port of jQuery.extend that actually works on node.js

nor-data Helpers for dealing with JavaScript data

o2.object o2.js object-related methods

obj-to-json Methods to copy objects and convert JSON to obj and vice-versa in Node.js without throwing.

object-subscribe Unobtrusive object subscribe / watch / bind

owl-deepcopy Packaged for npm

paste A remote paste board CLI

pg-copy Copy data between PostgreSQL databases WITH STREEEEAAAMS

pg-copy-streams Low-Level COPY TO and COPY FROM streams for PostgreSQL in JavaScript using

pg-copy-table streaming table copy from one postgres database to another

propex Propex parses string expressions that provide taversal information about an object

pushup copy files to S3

rcp Recursive parallel copy

recursive-fs Asynchronous recursive file system operations.

replicate-http Replicate remote files by webdav protocol.

rework-clone Clone module for Rework

rightclick Cut, copy, paste and delete for node.js

ropebuffer Rope-ish managed buffer

scp2 A pure javascript scp program based on ssh2.

sext Emulates jQuery's $.extend()

shallow-copy make a shallow copy of an object or array

solr2solr Migrate one Solr index to another, and multiply/manipulate the data on the way

stream-copy Copy writable streams to other writable streams.

stream-copy-file Node module to copy files like copy /b on windows

task-copy Copy files and folders.

tdp-glob-file-copier A tiny, simple NodeJS script to copy files from source to destination in a config object using glob file paths. Intended to simplify elements of NodeJS/NPM installer scripts.

tempel client app for

three-copyshader Browserify-friendly version of `THREE.CopyShader`

toolbelt A set of sexy little helper, to make the daily work with nodeJS a bit easier.

transfo-unifyurl A grunt-transfo stream function to copy (and transform) all relative assets along css files

tubule copy files from URI stream

udc UltraDeepClone - A complete (as possible) deep-clone algorithm that can clone objects with cycles.

uniq Removes duplicates from a sorted array in place

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