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access2couch A command-line utility for Windows, that pushes a MS Access database to a CouchDB instance.

account-couch Implement the accounts interface using a couchdb backend

app_settings Manage an app_settings property on a couchdb design document.

appdotcouch Export global stream to CouchDB

attachmate CouchDB Attachment Helpers

autorev blindly update couchdb documents

backsync A minimalistic library for integrating Backbone models with different data stores. Mongodb and Memory already included.

benchdb CouchDB ODM

bytewise Binary serialization which sorts bytewise for arbirarily complex data structures

caminte ORM for every database: redis, mysql, neo4j, mongodb, rethinkdb, postgres, sqlite, tingodb

caminte-generator RestFul application generator based on CaminteJS ORM

capp Uber-simple CouchApp deployment with Node.js.

carcass-couch (Node.js) A simple wrap of cradle plus some stream APIs, in Carcass style.

catlog Logging utility withou pain

ccurl CouchDB command-line helper

cdbtiles cdbtiles is a tilelive backend plug-in for CouchDB

chair Subjective CouchDB client that wraps nano

changes A consistent, fault tolerant CouchDB _changes listener with pre-fetch support

changes-stream Simple module that handles getting changes from couchdb

check_couchdb Nagios checker for couchdb

cloudq Cloud Message Queue Server (using CouchDb) NewRelic enabled

co-nano Exposes couchdb nano library API as thunks for use with co and koa.

co-nano-db Exposes couchdb nano library db APIs as thunks for use with co and koa.

collagen-couchdb CouchDB back-end storage for Collagen.js models.

connect-caminte CrossDB session store for Connect and ExpressJS

connect-couchdb CouchDB session store for Connect

connect-couchdb-queue CouchDB session store for Connect, using queue and changesets to avoid race conditions

connect-cradle Cradle (CouchDB) session store for Connect

connect-nano Provide req.nano, passing session cookies to CouchDB and back again.

convey A CouchDB design babysitter and automated document converter. Automate document changes with application version.

cores CouchDB resources with validation

cores-hapi Hapi plugin that creates an api for cores resources

cores-server cores server

cot promise-based CouchDB library with no surprises (in a good way)

couch-cache A cache solution for CouchDB documents.

couch-compile Build CouchDB documents from fs.

couch-daemon Use CouchDBs os_daemons with node.

couch-db couchdb client for node, with specific apis

couch-incarnate CouchDB views in DB-form; for chaining map-reduce operations

couch-init A simple couchDb init library to create basic views for your document models, as well as an api to manage your custom views in basic js files.

couch-js-devkit Tools to ease the deployment of npm modules and JS code in general into CouchDB

couch-migrate View based CouchDB migration utility. Handles batching and conflict retries.

couch-multipart-stream Create a stream so that you can upload a document with attachments to CouchDB efficiently in multipart/related format

couch-orm A CouchDB ORM

couch-profile Store profile information in couchdb

couch-pwd CouchDB salt and password generation with PBKDF2

couch-replicator-api A simple Node API for the couch _replicator database

couch-request A really minimal CouchDB client

couchapi Promise based wrapper for jquery.couch.js

couchcache Node.js library for a CouchDB cache service

couchcmd Couch commandline

CouchCover Provides a mock evironment for testing CouchDB design document functions

couchdb_raw An HTTP library specifically for CouchDB.

couchdb_sync uploads a directory tree into one couch document with many attachments

couchdb-api An async wrapper for the CouchDB HTTP API, following Node.js conventions

couchdb-auto-views zero-setup views and powerful query composition

couchdb-build-views Build CouchDB Views after a migration or fresh install

couchdb-emily-tools Complete set of tools for synchronizing an observable key/value stores with CouchDB documents, views, and managing users or security documents. Works both in the browser and in node.js

couchdb-expired This worker can be launched by cron or other scheduler to run daily and bulk deletions all expired documents from your couchdb databases.

couchdb-harness A generalized port of the CouchDB JavaScript test harness.

couchdb-log-parse A program for parsing CouchDB logs

couchdb-queue A CouchDB based queue system, aiming to be bulletproof.

couchdb-replicate-views Replicate CouchDB Views after a migration or fresh install

couchdb-seed-design Seed CouchDB's design documents with nano

couchdb-simple Simple Node.js Wrapper for CouchDB

couchdb-sync generic couchdb replicator which is basically an eventemitter

couchdb-tmp A CouchDB module following node.js idioms

couchdb-tools A library of handy functions for use when working with CouchDB documents.

couchdb-update-views Keep couchdb views up to date

couchdb-utils CouchDB utils

couchdb-worker CouchDB worker module that manages state

CouchDBChanges Write CouchDB Changes Handlers. Easy.

CouchDBExternal Write CouchDB Externals. Easy.

couche couchdb client for node, with specific apis

coucher Simple CouchDB client (REST)

coucherpush easy bulk code deploys to CouchDB

couchie Minimalist localStorage database API. Works well as a cache for CouchDB documents.

couchjs Drop-in replacement for CouchDB JavaScript view server

couchmagick Run ImageMagicks `convert` on CouchDB documents.

couchmagick-listen Stream changes to couchmagick-stream.

couchmagick-stream Pipe CouchDB documents through ImageMagicks convert.

couchmark Wraps couchdb's `follow` to restart at the latest unhandled change.

couchnomnom Replicate all your couchdb databases from A to B

couchpenter CouchDB database and document setup tool.

couchquery a simple couchdb client for nodejs

couchstore a simple nano wrapper with promise

couchsurfer Query couchdb design documents to trigger view rebuilds

couchtato CouchDB documents iterator tool.

couchup A CouchDB implementation on top of levelup.

couchviews Store and load CouchDB views to / from your file system for easier setup of new databases.

couchwatch Fault tolerant CouchDB changes watcher.

couchy CouchDB wrapper for CoffeeScript

cradle the high-level, caching, CouchDB library

cradle_security Add users, roles and authorization creation commands to Cradle module

cradle-fixed the high-level, caching, CouchDB library

crafity-storage Generic storage provider. Single interface or abstraction for different databases.

create-test-users Create test couch profiles for use in testing authenticated web services which use the

cushion A CouchDB API for Node.js

cushion-cli Command line tool for CouchDB based on cushion.

cushions Validate CSV files and convert them to metadata from the comfort of your CouchDB.

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