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clst Multi-core CPU support with nodejs

cpu-profiler Node bindings for the v8 cpu profiler

cpucare A monitor helps you kill process when cpu usage is too high.

cpuid Simple to use wrapper around LibCPUID. Gives extremely detailed information about the CPU(s) your code is running on.

cpuinfo Read /proc/cpuinfo and extract data as Object

crazy-ps Show process CPU usage and memory

crossmon-cpu CPU Usage collector for crossmon-collect

crossmon-cpu-temp CPU Temperature Collector for Cross Monitor

crossmon-memory Memory Usage collector for crossmon-collect

js-cpu-load measure your CPU load

jsm It's like ASM, but it's JavaScript underneath.

loadavg Read /proc/loadavg and extract data as Object

look Performance profiler based on nodetime

node-dash a nodejs and sockets-powered server monitoring dashboard

nodetime Performance Profiler and Monitor

os-utils an operating-system utility library

piglow-system several visualisation utilities for your system

pluribus Cluster manager

process-boss A node process manager that isn't spanners all the way down

prof Profile, debug, optimize and understand node applications.

service-metrics The 'service-metrics' enable to find the parent module in the path hierarchy

sigar Sigar binding for Node.js

sigar-fork Sigar binding for Node.js

sofoque Sofoque (/sɔːˈfɔː.kɛ/) a profiler middleware tospot performance suffocating conditions in express/connect applications

strong-cpu-profiler Node bindings for the v8 cpu profiler

test-sigar-gyp Sigar binding for Node.js

ua-parser-js Lightweight JavaScript-based user-agent string parser

usage simple way to lookup linux process usage

vitalsigns Powerful and customizable application health monitoring

windows-cpu CPU monitoring utilities for Node.js apps on Windows.

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