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casson Cassandra native CQL driver with Object Mapping

connect-cassandra-cql Session store for connect using Cassandra CQL3 binary protocol

cql Binary protocol implementation for Cassandra CQL

cql-builder CQL query builder

cql-client cassandra CQL driver uses Native Protocol v2

cql-protocol Apache Cassandra native protocol implementation in node.js

http-cache-cassandra A Cassandra provider for the extensible HTTP caching library http-cache.

mixdown-cql Mixdown / Broadway plugin library for Cassandra CQL 3.

node-cassandra-cql Node.js driver for Apache Cassandra

poseidon-cassandra A future wrapper around the node-cassandra-cql driver using Poseidon

priam A simple Cassandra driver. It wraps the helenus and node-cassandra-cql drivers with additional error/retry handling, external .cql file support, and connection option resolution from an external source, among other improvements.

scamandrios node.js bindings for Cassandra with a promises API

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