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agenda Light weight job scheduler for Node.js

backendjs Backend.js framework

boltcm-newsletter-sender Sends the Newsletters of your @BoltCM installation!

co-cron Cron tasks for compound apps

cron-as-a-service Remote cron service

cron-messenger A cron-like tool that dispatches messages on fixed schedules.

cron-parser Node.js library for parsing crontab instructions

cronbackup Nuxeo Content Management System cron backup application

cronos A module for handling cron jobs

cronshow Command line tool to visualize crontab entries.

crontab A module for reading, manipulating, and writing user crontabs with node.js

date-frequency Temporal frequency library

docparse-scraper-runner manage running docparse scraper jobs on a schedule

dronos Dronos is a distributed scheduling system (with patterns similar to Linux's cron system), using MongoDB to coordinate running tasks (drons) across multiple nodes.

flat-pm2-interface Interact with pm2 via RPC and receive real time notifications

http-timeout Distributed timeout for HTTP

hubot-cron Cron job messaging for hubot

infinitas distributed scheduling system with flexible persistence

jscron Cron Format Parser And Schedule Dates Generator

later Determine later (or previous) occurrences of recurring schedules

level-schedule Durable job scheduler based on LevelDB

log-cleaner NODE module for cleaning log files uing node-cron

momo Cronjob with web hooks.

mongoose-schedule A Kue Job to schedule a method to be called on some mongoose document or model, depending on whether a document id is passed.

node-cron-jobs Schedules cron like jobs

node-cronjob Cron-job like task scheduler for anonymous functions

node-schedule A cron-like and not-cron-like job scheduler for Node.

oft A simple cron-like library for triggering tasks at regular intervals.

pm2 Modern CLI process manager for Node apps with a builtin load-balancer

pm2-interface Interact with pm2 via RPC and receive real time notifications

pollster-server Pollster polls for arbitrary metadata about URLs at regular intervals and puts it in a database. It's particularly good at tracking news articles' social share counts over time. Tailored to an AWS stack.

redshed A scheduler system backed by redis

rrecur Convert between RFC2445 RRULE and its JSON equivalent. Useful with rrule.js.

rubidium A small unique job scheduler.

seneca-cron Cron plugin for Seneca framework

seneca-scheduler Senecea scheduler plugin

si SI and IEC compatible large number parser/formatter module for node.js

super-schedule A cron-like job scheduler for Node.

tapas Preconfigured Express environment with multiple modules and helpers

timebot Simple cron bot for node - no dependencies!

timr cron like job scheduling library

yacron cron command syntax library

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