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apache-crypt Node.js module for Apache style password encryption using crypt(3).

bcrypt A bcrypt library for NodeJS.

bcrypt-nodejs A native JS bcrypt library for NodeJS.

bcryptjs Optimized bcrypt in plain JavaScript with zero dependencies. 100% typed code. Fully compatible to 'bcrypt'.

co-bcrypt bcryptjs wrapper for co

crypt3 Node.js crypt(3) bindings

dcrypt extended openssl bindings

gulp-simplecrypt Simplecrypt for Gulp.

js-crypto-lib javascript encryption library and wrapper for RSA and AES including Open SSH compatible keygen

mkpasswd mkpasswd util for node, generates crypt(3) compatible hashes

mongoose-hashed-plugin mongoose plugins:hash password fields

nan-bcrypt A NAN-ed bcrypt library for NodeJS.

ncsa Read/Write NCSA password files.

simplecrypt Simple library for encrypting/decrypting strings without the boilerplate of the crypt library.

xxtea xxtea encription algorithm in pure javascript

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